Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday Hexagons Galore

WIP Wednesday is here again?
That week went fast didn't it?

Last Saturday, I got to go to a LQS and sew from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon.
What a treat!
Time with quiltey friends and friends who brought their crochet projects to work on.

I took my Rose Star Quilt to work on.  There are fifteen "Y" seams just to join the blocks together.

Keeping it real here.  Our kitty Gizmo inspecting a dust bunny, a spot from Saturday's sew-in at the top right and the top left has a doggy paw print from Lady's checking things out.

I'm also continuing to sew together sashing for the Scrappy Swoon Quilt I've been working on and hope to sash two more blocks to join together before the week is out.

Deborah from Simply Miss Luella asked if there was a tutorial online for the Scrappy Star Block.
I just string pieced scraps together and use the ruler mentioned in the post to cut them.  I piece them together with "Y" seams and then sash them.
I will try to take pictures next time I'm working on them.

Noga Quilts and Kritta...if you look closely at this block,

you can see the chevrons aren't all going the same way!  Doh!  So much for trying to fussy cut!

Hope you have a great day and get a chance to sew and be creative!


  1. Thanks, Dee! I checked out the tutorial. Super!! I'll get to learn how to do Y seams! And your stars are as beautiful as ever!

  2. I love your rose stars!!! I've done 4 so far and I'm completeyl hooked.

  3. Beautiful rose stars. I'd love to make some but I still have to work on my EPP starflowers before I can start on this.

  4. Ah! It's so fun to get to watch you put these together. I really makes me want to work on mine. I've just got to knock out some baby quilts first!

  5. Look at all those beautiful rose stars! You're much more ambitious than me!

  6. Oh, that is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  7. This quilt is going to be great!

  8. y seam!!?? that sounds scary!!! this is gorgeous already. i can't wait to see what you do with it from here.


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