Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scrappy Star Fabric Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday again, and you know what that means:
Quilt Story is hosting their weekly linky party, Fabric Tuesday.
I just peeked at some of the other projects.
I'm so excited!  I see one already I need to go check out.

On Pinterest this week, I found this beautiful mini-quilt to repin.

This stunning mini served as inspiration this week for me.

I've been working on my Rose Star Quilt faithfully and still working on making the scrappy strips to go between my Scrappy Swoon and cutting up 3" x 3" blocks of scraps for more Snapshot blocks...
when I saw this scrappy Rainbow Star I thought, "Hey, I can do this!"

So in typical "Dee-scrappiness" mode I started cranking out scrappy diamonds.
I used Darlene Zimmerman's 60 Degree Diamond Ruler found at Joann's.
Using the largest measurement, the diamond blocks finish out at 4 1/4" (before being joined to form the star)
and I then added the white diamomds to make a hexagon.
I went to Joann's and looked at all the Kona colors they had and decided I liked plain old white the best to show off the colors.
A scrappy border of 3" (3 1/2" strips) will be between each finished star block.

Here you can see two others already joined.  These blocks measure out at about 26" from left point to right point, so it shouldn't take too many to make a nice sized snuggling quilt.

"Y" seams are no longer scary for me after so many projects using them.  The Rose Star Quilt, Jack's Chain and anything with hexagons.

And yes, I know.  I needed another quilt started like I need another hole in the head.
Big projects are...well...big.  And time consuming.  I don't want to get sick of something and never finish it, so I figure when ideas strike...to go with them to help keep me engaged at the machine.

Hope you stop by Quilt Story today to be inspired.


  1. Those blocks are gorgeous! They are going to make a beautiful quilt.

  2. I love these blocks. Yours are stunning. I wish I had a clue as to how to make them. Is there a pattern somewhere online?

  3. I love these scrappy stars! I need to add Y seams to my skill set one of these days!

  4. I Repinned that pin! So cool. Fun to see your interpretation. Love it!

  5. They are beautiful Dee! Loved sewing with you Saturday!

  6. these are so pretty....i love the scraps against the black

  7. I've never been pinned before (that I know of), thank you, I'm honored! And very happy to have discovered your blog. Now excuse me while I go off and get lost in all the glorious images of your beautiful creations ....

  8. Great blocks Dee, I agree with you about the white.

  9. I love almost anything scrappy. Your stars look like a lot of fun.

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