Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He lives!

Hubby was very happy to wake up this morning with head and heart intact.
Thank you to all who voted and helped me decide where I would be spending the next few years.
although, I think any judge would have sided with me and given me home probation!

On the sewing front.
Do people not understand how attached sewers are to their machines?
How we miss them when they're sick?
That the mail should run on President's Day since that would get my machine back home that much sooner?
Deep.  Heavy.  Weary.  Sigh.

Sew, I indulged with a Ghiradelli.
Raspberry filled.

It looks so harmless laying on my hand project (so thoughtfully suggested by many of you).
Scraps of this and that floating around the big, empty, lonely, sewing table.
Little hexes to keep me sane.
family absolutely thinks this is a lost cause! but it keeps me busy and off their cases!

Monday is co-op day.  45 minute drive blowing innersections (I hope there are no policemen or women reading this, if you are, it was totally unintentional!) and hydroplaning on slushy, crappy, nasty, ugly ice.
I think if snow and ice stayed white, I wouldn't mind so much.  But, the longer it's on the road and the more cars that drive over it, the dirtier it gets.  It just offends my senses as a mom to see Mother Nature leave stuff lying around like that!

Anywho-arrived white knuckled, but relieved to be safe for the next three hours-only to be told "We're cancelling."
What? asks the poor little waif just delievered into safety and security and warmth.
My basketball bud and fellow homeschooler was taking their oldest to a teen government camp at the state capitol and asked if I would be in charge of her other three kids for the morning at co-op while she was gone.  Well, with co-op cancelled, they got to come home with us!
yes, she knows me, and yes, she's been warned I'm not the most stable person to put her kids into the care of :o)
So, I load my sporty little car up with three extra people
figured the extra weight on the snow and ice would help too!  LOL
and this time it took about 1hr and 15 minutes to get home as the roads were increasingly worsening.

I'm calling it a recess/time in the hall/bathroom break/period between classes/gym/interpersonal relationships day.  Hee hee.
C-man and our friend Joe were outside carving ice and snow sculptures.  So, I guess I could say we had art too yesterday!  Score!

This is a fish.
Not taken yesterday, but this is C-man and his igloo that he and Joe played in.

Thankfully, everyone we knew who were on the roads yesterday (including Javi and Bean) made it home safely.  We're under another winter storm advisory and the road conditions make me glad I drove the two to school this morning!

Hoosier Madness!
Our JV team placed 3rd in the State this Valentine's weekend!
The boys played hard and it paid off for them with a trophy, plaque and medals!
These boys have really come a long way.
I'm so proud of them and I know next year many of them will be returning and hopefully bringing their friends!
Thanks Coaches Smith, Martin and Johnson for all your hard work to help the boys make it this far!


  1. Love your hexagons! Hope your machine gets fixed soon. Glad everyone arrived home safely, and Congratulations to the boys!!!! Way to go!!

  2. Glad you let DH live Dee! Phew! wouldn't want you to go to jail or anything. I think your poor sewing machine is crying for you too :^(

  3. Congratulations to the coaches, players, and proud and supportive parents! How exciting!

  4. good thing that your husband survived the night!!! i always bring some handwork with me or crochet, something, when i can not have my sewing machine.

  5. Sorry about your machine. I really think you need to put a back-up machine on your wishlist. I think your husband needs to rush right out and buy one for you. :)

  6. Oh, Dee, your color play is scrumptious in those hexagons.......a lost cause? NO WAY !
    I could get lost...............

  7. Hmmm, since your dear hubby "kneads" you sane, a back up machine is a wonderful idea... just sayin.
    Your hexes are great! I have some of those that I've lost somewhere...
    Stay safe in all that bad weather!

  8. i hope the sun shows up in your neck of woods soon! too much dirty, white snow is a bummer!

  9. Your hexies are awesome! Congrats to the boys. Keep warm.

  10. Those hexies are so stunning. I love the colors. I wish you were in my group and that cushion was coming to me!

  11. YAY for you and your hubby! I LOVE how you inspire me with all your sewing and stitching, LOVE your hexagons, I still want to try that :)


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