Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowday. Round Deux.

Here we are again.

I love having the boys home, it's all the golldarn snow that's irritating.
And to top if off, two have their school canceled today and the other one will still have his one class at public school.

The sweetest sound in the world outside my house.
A snowplough.

My secret:
I do nothing when the boys have a snowday.
I mean, beyond the normal two-three sinks of dishes and the itinerant laundry.
You know.
The laundry that travels from one room to the next on its actual way to the hamper in my bathroom.
It starts by lying on the boys' bedroom floor.
"Please put your clothes in the hamper."
I next find it downstairs.
Then in the downstair's bathroom.
Then the family room.
Finally, on top of the washer.
I have been asked to wash underwear.
Which must now be gathered from the four corners of the house.

As I leave to comply with this request, I'd like to share some Lady photos with you.
The ones I started to take I won't share because she decided to do some doo doo as the shutter was shuttering.
She loves the snow, but hates the cold.

I hear the snowplough too!
Time to go investigate.
What?  Javi is at the backdoor in shorts and barefeet after letting me out?
Thinking I'm going to come back in without chasing the snowplough?

Thankfully, the child with sense could slip his shoes on and help catch the errant pooch.
There's also a picture of C-man and his igloo.
Lady is trapped inside.
There's no carpeting in there, so I'm sure she's not tempted in the least to let fly inside.

A day in the life.


  1. I love all your flower pictures...what a contrast to the snow outside!!! At least your laundry travels. My kids put their laundry on the floor right NEXT to the hamper. I continuously ask my son if he needs any clothes washed...I give him a few warnings and then basically if he wants clean clothes he has to bring them into the laundry room...they never do seem to make it into the hamper. Stay safe in this weather.

  2. well darn, if only you had your sewing machine back! it could have been a sewing day!

    Looks very cold where you live Dee, not sure if I could handle that, we are going to be in the mid 70's in the next few days :) you need a vacation?!!

    I am lucky with the laundry in my house for the most part, hubby just leaves it everywhere in our bedroom, our 16 year old is really good about putting his dirties away :)


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