Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today is the Day!

My baby's comin' home!

Tuesday (after my little rant and whine) I got a call from the hospital.
My sewing buddy was just getting out of surgery.  Everything went fine.
Yesterday the surgeon let me know my Janome was out of recovery and ready to come home.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a free moment to go pick her up.
Kids dropped off to school.
Kid up and schooled.
Hubby lunched.
More school.
Drop one kid off for his class, pick up two more from school, pick up other kid.

Run to the bank for hubby dear.
Afternoon snacks.
Working on science poster for C-man.
Working on Integrity essay for Bean.
"Mom, there's paper I need to pick up and have signed so I can go to the dance Saturday.", says Jon.

Yes.  It's time.  His first formal.  A Sweetheart Dance with a friend from another school and did you know that if you're not a student from this school, attending a dance, you have to go through Security?
A paper signed by your school's principal to say you are who you say you are and probably won't cause trouble?

And an evening schmoozing and oozing all of Javi's accomplishments for a scholarship application.  If he can win this one, combined with the Presidential Scholarship, his entire college career is paid for.  How awesome would that be as a way to celebrate all of his hard work and diligence through high school!

Dinner for me and the kids.
Dinner for the bring home the bacon hubby.
Videos of AFV and one episode of "The Unit".
Bedtime for all.

Sew, by the time my day was done, the hospital was closed and my baby had to spend another night away from home.  Today is the day!

This means I can work on my New York Beauty block.
And I simply must make a trip to my NSLQS for fabric to make either this

or this.  Not sure which one I like better and I need to choose between Amy Butler "Love" fabric or Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Our LQS and anyone else for about 45 minutes worth of driving has everything but these two favorites of my Pillow Talk bud.

Work has progressed on the hexes and it is now much larger than mere pillow size!  LOL 
This thing is taking on a life of its own:

which is exactly what I need!


  1. YAY! I am so excited that your baby is coming home Dee! You are one super busy woman, how do you do it all? and you raise great kids?!! you are super woman!
    again, I love your hexagons, you are inspiring me to tackle that!

  2. I can vouch for Javi!!! When he was three, doubtful, but my how they grow up. Glad you will be sewing soon! Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Yippee! Dee is gonna be one happy mama today!

  4. I'm so glad you're baby is coming home! I am anxious to hear how you do with your NY Beauty block. I made one last night and was not a happy camper! Round 2 of me vs. New York B#@(*y tonight.

  5. I am so glad she made a full recovery!!! Your hexes are so gorgeous!!!

    Good luck to Javi!

  6. No, you don' don't need that pretty little thing, and as soon as it's fairly rectangular, I will take it off of your hands and use it as a small tabletopper to remind me of your sonshine-y personality !
    Just let me know when to send you postage !

  7. yeah your baby is coming home!!! what a relief for you. i love the hex's and how you have the arranged in color order. i also love the second block choice...o bloco de looks so pretty

  8. Sweetheart Dance?!?! Where does the time go? Our school has the same security procedure! You must be very proud of Javi. How amazing to have his entire college career paid for! I love those little hexagons. Will you still work on them now that you've got your baby back?

  9. No stinkin' way!!! Look at YOUR hexagons!! I'm throwing mine away and starting on a new one!! Absolutely beautiful!


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