Thursday, February 25, 2010

That Dog Just Dont' Hunt!

I am too lazy to take a picture of my machine.  Go figure?  So, I Googled "feed dogs" and this is what I got.
Something my machine is not!

I've been happily humming away on my Janome.  I think even people in Canada could hear my machine a sewin' over the crowds at Vancouver.

I finished Jennifer's New York Beauty block
and for all my anxiety, it actually turned out 8.5"x8.5".
There are really three colors in the points.  I alternated chartreuse/grape with chartreuse/dk cranberry.
Sheesh, I sound like a Wyler's commercial!
The floral fabric (which I just had to get in there) is from my stash.  A flannel with colors that match or compliment the batiks we were sent.
I wasn't quite sure how to work the colors together, but the floral seems to pull it all together nicely.
I think.
I like it enough to maybe do something like this for me as a quilt or a gift or a swap.

Pause here to tell you how awesome my mother in love is!
I've had a cold since Monday.
A knock down, drag out, hang onto the wall as you're walking 'cause your head's so full of crap--cold.
And no, normally my head isn't full of crap as some of you are want to think.
It's fluff up there.  Pure and simple fluff.
So let's just move on.

Last night she brought us home made vegetable soup.
I love her.

Where were we?
Sewing happinly on my newly repaired and returned machine.
I got this far
back on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow.
While C-man is at school, I have a 45 minute window of wonder!
Time where it's just me, myself and I.
We all went to Joann's to find thread to quilt this puppy up! (the pillow, not any real puppy--'cause Lady is looking at me with panic in her eyes!  she reads my blog too you know!)

I get home, wind my nifty lookin' thread onto the bobbin, thread the needle, put on the free motion quilting attachment (while consulting the instructions since it's been a while, thank you!), set the tension, drop the feed dogs...

and decide I will not free motion quilt, but instead do a simple straight stitch.
Which requires switching everything out and putting on my walking foot attachment, adjusting tension again and raising the...raising the...raising the...
not raising the feed dogs.
I swear, if I'da had a hammer, I woulda whacked the thing and been done with it!
As it it, me, myself and I are loading the machine up and taking it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk to the dealer/repair shop.


Not to mention another way I was lazy.
I bought boxed vulture cat food (Friskies, 'cause I do love her no matter how gross, annoying and loud she is) at Big Lots yesterday to save me from having to go to
wal mart
and got home, gave her a big ole dish.  "Yum.  Yum.  Why did it take you so long to bring me my food, lazy slacker human?  I was (gulp) starving!"

About ten minutes later, I discovered little, grubby worms all over the counter where the box was sitting.
I took the vulture cat food back and explained what had happened, very quietly 'cause I was still really grossed out and didn't want any one else possibly vomiting through the story if they heard it, and she took my name, address and number in case--well, you know, something
bad happens
to the vulture cat.
I kept the box and the worms in case--well, you kow, something
bad happens
I figure the vet will have something to go on?

Javi, as you read this, please do not tell your brothers.
It was gross enough living through it once and thinking about what might happen to the vulture cat.

Just one more thing to have to worry about!


  1. Dee!!!!!! I was EATING! Suddenly, my strawberries and vanilla yogurt isn't!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh no...the pooor cat. i hope it will be ok. i love the new york beauty you made. the floral in it makes it amazing. i am so sorry to hear about the sewing machine..

  3. Ack!! Virtual hug back to you, I know the sewing machine frustration. I hope the cat is fine. My dog eats crickets every once in a while so I sure the extra protein won't hurt it! :)

  4. Poor machine, poor Dee. I'm guessing the cat didn't mind the extra protein so much.... but I'm grossed out! ha ha

  5. Your block is wonderful. It puts mine to shame.

    Bonjour Dee. Come take a look at my blog. There is a surprise there for you!

  6. I wish my NY Beauty block was done and looked even half as good as yours. No, I have not made a new one yet. I don't have all my whining out yet, apparently. So sorry about your sewing machine and your poor cat. Maybe she didn't get any in the food she ate. Or -- a little extra protein???

  7. Dee, I guess my post was eaten by your vulture/cat ;-) It disappeared! So sorry to hear your machine has suffered a setback. Hopefully it will be fixed much sooner this time. Your NY beauty block is beautiful.


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