Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chock Full!

Of fun stuff going on at our house!
Saturday this package from Jen arrived in my mail.  I've left it all weekend so I could take a picture of how sweetly it's wrapped.

a charm pack of Moda's Snippets and a nice size hunk of the red fabric with paper doll cutouts of boys' and girls' clothing.  Also included were some very funny and cute gift tags.
Thanks Jen!

This weekend, I also got to be creative and sew a little lovely for my dresser in the front hall. 

I liked the pink fabric with the black binding (WIP for Ansje) sew much, I decided to whip up a dresser topper out of scraps.  Something bright, happy and cheery for spring!

These started out as wonky Log Cabins, but dang if that ruler didn't keep coming out to square things up!

The back, which isn't even seen, but I know it's there and maybe just might be flipped to the top if I'm feeling ornery.

I also was able to sew the binding onto Ansje's quilt for STUD (Swap Til You Drop).  I need to hand sew the back side down.

Twelve more blocks came into being for my string quilt.  I need two more to be able to add another row.  I had forgotten how much I love this quilt to be.

I think this is my favorite set of four this time around.  The yellow FMF just pops!

Let's see, next I play around with more Log Cabins froms scraps to make another table or dresser topper and it sort of morphed into a wild, string pinwheel sort of thing.  LOL 

And my fabric from Suzanna came this weekend.  She's asked us to help her with her interpretation of a Gwen Marston quilt in Liberated Quiltmaking.

And this is what I'll be working on today.  I always use scraps from my stash first so I don't waste any of the beautiful fabric that my quilting bee buds send me.  I'm a little excited about this one!  You know me, I love wonky-buy keeping my ruler next to my sewing table is like having an old school teacher right there with her ruler poised over your hand if you mess up and don't write straight or on the lines.

The "50 Quilting Tips" is from a Fons and Porter's magazine my mother-in-love bought.  There were some really creative and helpful tips on there, sew if you get a chance to check it out, it's worth it.

Okay, off to tame the laundry monster!  If I'm not back in a day or two, someone please call 911.
I know I will appreciate it!


  1. You are as bad as me about too many projects at once. The strings are delish!! I am pretty sure that dresser quilt wants to live in my bedroom...just sayn'.

  2. Wow you have been really busy! Doesn't it feel great? Good luck with your new project and the laundry monster. I just tamed mine yesterday.

  3. you're welcome Dee. Thanks for entering! I love your dresser topper! It's beautiful and you're right, perfect for spring!

  4. Dee, you've been sewing up a storm! I love your dresser top - front and back! Those log cabin blocks are great, wonky or not. Love the morphing pinwheels too. Very clever and creative!

  5. Lovely little runner for yourself. I hope you sometimes flip it over, because I love the back too! Can you remind me how you're doing your string blocks -- paper foundation, fabric foundation, no foundation?

    LOL -- I always use my ruler when making wonky blocks. Line up and then TILT :) It's fun!

  6. where do i begin!!! you are busy! i was lucky to get one of those modify tradition packages myself and i loved every bit of it. i love that table topper you are working on. and the string quilt is looking amazing. man if we lived close it might just mysteriously disappear....


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