Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunshine and Late Summer

I came across a picture of our house that Javi must have taken for a school project and wanted to share with you our home.
Admittedly, we're at the end of growing season and things look a little brown and tired, but I really enjoy living here.  We live in a socio-economic, racially integrated neighborhood.  Bi-racial, black, white, middle eastern families with moms and dads who are white collar workers and blue collar workers.  Moms who stay home and moms who work.  Young couples and retirees.
We couldn't have asked for a better place to live and raise the boys.

A quiet street close to hubby dear's work, school, youth activities, shopping etc.
Most days hubs, C-man and I have lunch together.  Javi will be able to walk or ride his mountain bike to college and Ben went to school for a year at the public school at the end of our street.
On nice, sunny days I can open my windows and hear the laughter of children playing at recess.
I love that!

An honor given to me by Maddy.  Who is an inspiration to me.  Her blog yesterday was about her struggle to depict the human hand in her sketch book.  Amazingly evocative.

Thank you Maddy.  For so much more than this beautiful award.
I will be posting awards to other bloggers as the rest of the week continues.  Each day I am amazed at the spirit, creativity, compassion, love, sharing and inspiration I find in the words and pictures of other people.  What a gift to be able to connect worldwide with hearts and souls as big as our planet itself!

To you all-only the very best to help you be your very best!
Thank you for being rays of sunshine and encouragement on cloudy days!


  1. Sounds like a perfect neighbourhood! I can imagine all the wildlife you have blogged about in recent weeks hanging out in your front yard! And you are the perfect recipient for the Sunshine Award, Dee!

  2. Beautiful home you have there. Congratulations on your Sunshine Award!!!

  3. I want to come for a visit!!!!! Yay for the award!!!

    Blessings & hugs,


  4. You description of your neighborhood brings back memories of the one I grew up in. Where as children we could run until 10 at night on a summer evening while our parents all hung out together. Lovely.

  5. you are a little bit of sunshine in my day!!! your house is beautiful! i wish i could live in a neighborhood like that, and someplace where my kids grow up.

  6. Your house is beautiful and what a nice neighborhood! It looks like what I grew up in MA.

  7. I knoe were you liv now. wach yur self. ise wachin u.


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