Friday, March 26, 2010

Hearts Aplenty! Friday Finish Edition

It is Friday again, friends.
I'm not sure where your week went, but I'm still looking for a huge chunk of mine!
Seems there's so much to do, most of it the same thing ala Ground Hog Day, and never enough time to get it all done.  Plus, do the things I really want to do!

Having it lighter earlier in the morning is a huge motivation though!

Make sure you click on the Sew & Tell Button (down lower on the left hand side of the page) to see some beautiful things being created by some very talented people!

Wednesday saw my mother in love over to cut some squares out for Baby Quilts.  A group of dedicated and loving women meet once a month at a local church to choose fabric, cut it out, piece together and then quilt.  These quilts get sent all over the world for little boys and girls living in orphanages!  Children who are warmer and maybe a little bit less lonely because of the huge hearts these women have!
She wouldn't let me photograph her face (now maybe I'm more related to her than just marriage!), but here are her happy, helping hands and her garden basket full of fabric ready to be cut!
What an awesome way to make the world that much smaller and less mean.
Huge hugs from women they will never meet.
Prayers for safety and love that I hope come true!

Over our bed hangs a cross stitch I made for hubs and me.  It's a heart made of vines with flowers (of course) and a bird with three little eggs in her nest.  I love hearts!
This week, I discovered Dottie Angel and fell in love with her "Perfectly Pixerly" heart projects.  I was surfing flickr doing research for C-man's schedule next year, when I just happened to come across her pictures and then her blog.

How many times a week can you fall in love with a new idea or be inspired to try something new before you can no longer deny you probably have a type of quilty ADD?

Oops.  What are these and how did they get on my cutting mat?

sew digging the green print, a vintage fabric snowbird found for me!
And they just magically hopped onto my sewing machine.  Where did that cute little brown check fabric come from?

Eeks!  There's more!

Sew now, I have this beautiful block.  The sashing is from fabric I swapped some of my polka dot sheet stash for.  Penny rocks!  Some of you asked what the fabric is, I have an email in to her to find out for us.  'Cause I need more!  I will quilt and bind this as a wall hanging for the house (maybe the family room when it's finished!).

Danged if I'm not amazed!  This morning I woke up and this

was on the cutting mat.  U.M.M.M.M.  Can I blame it on sleepwalking?

I did finish Ansje's mini quilt for the STUD and will be mailing it.  I'll share pictures when she gets it, 'cause I'm not sure she doesn't lurk here now and again.
I also have 6 completed blocks for the vintage sheet quilt done.  So there.  I'm not totally all over the place not finishing other things before starting new ones!

Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. that's so cute and a neat way to put it together. :)

  2. lovely...block..yes the sashing fabric is gorgeous

    thank you for sharing the story of your mother and her baby quilts...

  3. Um, yes you are all over the place and not finishing things. I've been to your house, and seen in the clear plastic zip bag! Just sayn'. But in you, it is endearing!!!! (In me it is just plain annoying.)



  4. I love that you call your MIL your mother-in-love. That's precious:-) My mother-in-law is less precious, but I'm working on her.

  5. Sleepwalking can be blamed for a multitude of things. Great heart project! Beautiful fabrics:)

  6. Oh that is just cute! I love the hearts, they are just SOO cute.

  7. Such cute idea!

    Story of my life!! ;)

    I always have ideas I want to try, but you need to let all this new energy out once in a while!

  8. I love the heart and the pretty flower fabrics; they feel like spring!

  9. Absolutely SWEET!

  10. you are so funny!!! the heart looks great. what will you do with these. i have terrible quilt ADD so i can sympathize. i have a new system...finish old quilt/start new quilt....etc

  11. I love this. I have never seen this or done this. It looks great. Have a great weekend.

  12. I do believe I do have a form of ADD because I want to make so so many new projects I see that I never finish the others. They are just all so amazing! Love your heart and how it's turning out. Very cool!

  13. LOL! Glad to see you are having so much quilty fun! Enjoy!

  14. Great job! I am so pattern dependent I really admire those that aren't.

  15. Sounds as if you had SEW MUCH FUN! Nice work.

  16. Dee, you've been busy! Love the story of how your hearts got themselves all made. I enjoyed checking out Dottie Angel's site. Enjoy your weekend!

  17. What a cute heart and I love the garden basket full of love and hope.

  18. cute Dee!!! the fabrics you've chosen are perfect!


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