Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mucho Gracias!

To all of you for your suggestions on the wallpaper!
I have tried to use the scoring thing in our upstairs hall, but found myself filling and sanding more spackle and drywall compound off the wall than I wanted to.
So, for me it was choosing the lesser of two weevils!

I would like to share with you, with permission, a beautiful quilt full of love!
Dolly made this incredible quilt for her grandson and I wanted my friends here to see it!  It such an awesome design and so eye catching!

and the back.

You need to click on the pictures to see the fabrics up closer!
Thank you Dolly for letting me showcase your quilt!  It's one of my favorites!

Meanwhile, progress continues on my vintage quilt.  Hubby muffin likes the design without sashing in between the blocks.  Okay.  He knows I'm easy!  LOL  I also decided to keep the yellows and oranges in after hearing from you all.  They do add interest, draw the eye and give "pop" to the quilt. 

Today, I'm hoping to work on the binding for Ansje's quilt and cutting up more fabric for the vintage quilt. 
Hope you all have a day full of wonder!


  1. LOVE your vintage quilt! I'm gathering fabrics/sheets myself to make one. I love them and haven't made one yet. Perfect for Spring! (although mine MAY get done in the Summer, if I'm lucky!) I think I'm going to do mine in 10-12 inch squares. Patchwork, like yours. Look at this beauty!

    Happy sewing!

  2. i think the vintage looks great with no sashing...they come together so pretty.

  3. Thanks for the spotlight, Dee ! I enjoyed making that quilt.....having trouble securing the fabrics for the queen-sized quilt for daughter and son-in-law now !

    I really like the vintage sheets quilts.....took a quick trip to our salvadge store, but didn't see anything nice enough to grab. But your quilts all have such a sweet, happy mood to them.......must be why your hubbykins is so content !

  4. Dolly's quilt is gorgeous!

    Love that you left the yellow and oranges in you vintage quilt.

  5. So glad Dolly let you showcase her quilt. It is stunning! Still loving your vintage blocks.

  6. Wow, stunning quilt. I would love to have this one. Great job both of you. Steph

  7. Beautiful quilt! I am impressed with the detail!

    Love your vintage quilt so far. It looks like it is peeking around your dresser. :)


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