Friday, March 19, 2010

It's National Quilting Day!

And I've been waiting all week for it!

What does quilting mean for you?
For me, it is a love of colors, patterns and fabrics.
A tactile love affair.
A visual banquet.
A way to reach out and touch other people's lives and meet new friends.
A hobby.
A lifestyle.
An obsession.
A comfort.

Happy National Quilting Day!


  1. What an awesomely special day! How nice to celebrate it with you, Dee!

  2. Hey there Dee! Happy Quilting day to you too!
    I am tidying up my craft room so hopefully I can sew tomorrow! wish me luck!

    when I started serisouly sewing, I never knew I liked so many different colors and patterns, I LOVE the options of sewing/quilting, I just love that I am so happy doing it!


    Love the block you shared too!

  3. Dee, Happy National Quilting Day to you too. I agree with all your descriptions and am love with it too! Love the block you shared! Steph

  4. Dee, hope you enjoyed your National Quilting Day!

  5. Happy belated quilting day to you too Dee! Ditto to your "what quilting means to me" list!


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