Monday, September 28, 2009

Even Parents Need Forgiveness

Everyone in my family will tell you math is not my thing.  LOL  There have been phone calls to my much- smarter-than-me-in-the-math-department hubby about mathematics through the years.  Conversations that go something like this, "Honey, I am not a stupid woman...but this is 3rd grade math!  3rd grade!"

Thankfully, I know I'm not alone (other parents who I think are smart have similar experiences) and that somewhere along the way, some of the words and operations have changed. 

Evidenced tonight: 4th grader and his buddy (who remembered to bring HIS math book home) were doing multiplication problems.  1-16.  Odds.  Somewhere along the way, Bean, the calculator and I were not agreeing on anything.  I was getting frustrated.  Bean was getting frustrated.  Called in Boy Wonder to help the buddy with his corrections...

I ended up raising my voice and Bean ended up in tears.  He thought I was mad at him from my tone and frustration level.  Monday nights are his night with Dad.  Dad and Bean leave rather quickly and we didn't get to finish all his corrections.  They're in the car on their way to another town.  Thank God for cell phones!  A quick dial, Bean on the line and Mom is apologizing and asking for forgiveness.  I didn't want him out thinking Mom was mad at him.  He understood after we talked about it and forgave me.  It sure feels good to have the ones you love on the same wave length!


These are the first blocks I saw on a quilting blog.  Ever.  They're from Bloom's February 2009 archive:

I'm still working on the String Quilt and I've started a quick little block that I want to share as soon as I can figure out how to get my memory card for the camera clear or buy a new one? 

'Night for now.


  1. Those are such pretty log cabin blocks. Log cabins are fun to make, but I've never tried it by foundation piecing. Of course, I'm making wonky log cabins right now, so I'm trying to be crooked on purpose :)

  2. I love your blocks! They are SO PRETTY!!!!

  3. Love the blocks!! Log cabins are really cute - you do such nice work, I've never foundation pieced them.

    And math isn't my thing either. I'm a Spanish teacher for a reason! I'm dreading it when my little Emma (JellyBean) goes to school and takes maths, I'll never be able to help!

  4. Ladies, thanks for the compliments...but they totally belong to Bloom...I'm sorry if I wasn't clear...these are her blocks that inspired me, not mine. Sorry for any mix-up! Hope you all have a great day!


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