Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mini Quilt Swap and Christmas!

Jenn over at JellyBean Stitches sent out an invitation last week asking for swap buds.  I'm waiting for her reply back confirming a mail date for our quilts.  This is my first online swap...little bit nervous (it is the internet!), but excited at the same time to see what she creates!  She's an awesome quilter and I first fell in love with her "First Snowfall" quilt for the Holiday/Winter Quilt Swap.

You can almost hear the snow falling in the hush of the evening.

You can find Jenn at

So, now it's off to her flickr group and blog to get to know her better and try to create a mini quilt she will like!

I've found what I want to do for Jenn's quilt!  I have the fabric picked out and cut into strips...I've been stitching already this morning. 

I forgot to show you this:

Isn't this the kind of Christmas you'd like to have?
Me too!


  1. That fabric is sooo cute Dee! Have fun with your quilt swap!

  2. Thanks sew! I have the top and back finished for her...that was fast! and fun!

  3. oh wow, you're lightning fast! I've got your idea on graph paper, I'm probably going to start sewing it tonight or tomorrow. Depends on the baby's schedule! :) I'm having so much fun for your quilt.


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