Friday, September 4, 2009


Sunrises are some of my most favorite times...and my least favorite times.  Favorite because of the crispness of the air, the promise of a new day, the glorious colors and a day with that many more hours of awakeness to have to accomplish tons of things and enjoy life with.
Least favorite because they come so dadgum early!  LOL  Now, if God could just give me sunrises at about...oh let's say...10:00, when I'm really good and awake and have had my morning caffeine and fixed myself for the would be perfect!

These are some pinks I bought out shopping last weekend.  I don't have a favorite out of the pile...I love them all.  This morning, coming back from taking youngest to school...the sunrise was full of heavenly pinks.  Now, I live with all men (men in trainings mostly) and pink isn't a color that happens a lot around here.  Me and the dog...we're about as pink and girly as it gets.  But, I like the color.  I read how pink is the 'universal color of love'...wonder if the Martians know that?
Pink is also supposed to be a quiet color.  Providing feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, and acceptance.  Now I'm beginning to understand the attraction to pink for me.  A tidbit of trivia is that some prisons use limited, deep pink tones to diffuse aggressive behavior.  I think it's time to go to Lowe's and grab some paint and paintbrush!
Oldest should be coming home today.  Hubby may take the afternoon off.  Not sure how the pick-up thing from school is going to work, but it will. 
Have I shared how much food we've had in the house this week since someone's been away at camp?


  1. Did you just call Oldest a pig?????

  2. No, no. The pig is just another pink thing that was cute and I was pink...and...cute...and...


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