Sunday, September 6, 2009

Singin' the Blues!

Very fitting color choice today.  Overcast here...sprinkles...tired from a late night...lots of 'heavy' things going on in the lives of people we love right now.  Loss of Isaac updates that make my heart hurt for him and his parents...friends having trouble in their marriages...a 'blue' day fo' shore.
The one on the very left has bunnies in the intricate scrollwork.  I bought my first Kaffe Fassett and the others are just plain beautiful.  The bunny fabric has already found a home in a new quilt top I'm doing.  I'm thinking of naming it 'Simplify' from Thorea's observation and exhortation 'Our life is frittered away by detail...Simplify, simplify, simplify!...Simplicity of life and elevation of purpose.'
What details so we deem important enough to become, well, important?  To the point of spending so much time on them, we lose things like time, opportunity, sleep, people and places?  We let out heads get so wrapped around minutia that we lose sight of the big picture.  We forget we really aren't living smack dab with our faces against a brick wall...that we can take a step back and see the larger picture.
From our nose pressed up against this...feeling the panic in our breast, not being able to breathe, oppressed, depressed, overwhelmed...
To this...
I know that somewhere, all the time, without fail-the sun is shining.  Even when the skies are laden with rain here and it seems there is no rainbow in sight...somewhere, the sky is a beautiful, radiant blue.  Someone is turning their face to the sun and feeling its warmth on their skin.  That babies are laughing.  People are falling love.  Flowers are blooming.  Birds are singing.  And that people are perservering.  Enjoying life.  Living joyfully.  Are thankful.  Hopeful.
Let that be our purpose.  Joyfullness.  Thankfulness.  Hopefullness.  And a living out of the simplicity of life...not pressed against a brick wall where all we see are the huge obstacles made up of so many tiny parts in front of us...but taking a step back to view the bigger picture.  What those damning details all come together to make...a purpose.  A reason.  Air breathed in and air breathed out.  Letting go of our worries and anxieties with the unclenching of our fists.  Closing our eyes as we step back and opening them to a fresh perspective.  Clearing our field of vision to see beyond what is right in front of us to what might be.
Promise.  Purpose.  Blue days with rays of sunshine present if we but remember to hope for them.


  1. Love your positive attitude! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

  2. Hey! You have such beautiful and inspiring quilts on your flickr account! Do you blog your sewing? I would love to read it!
    Thanks, Dee.


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