Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Treasure Finds!

Remember when I went shopping on Saturday?  Well, the boys went and did their 'manly' thing and mil and I went to one of our favorite quilt stores.

They were...ahem...running a special.  Buy 25 fat quarters for $30.  Well, there went my quasi-sort of serious-really intend not to buy anymore fabric resolve!  LOL  I so totally identify with my children when we take them into a toy or game/gadget store and say "You can only look.  We're not here to buy." 

These babies are sitting on a jelly roll book I need to get into and make something from!

Here are just a few of the new additions to my stash.  I have a theory that houses need to tell you what color they want to be painted...and fabric speaks to you the same way.  It decides what it wants to become.  Ugly quilts come from people trying to force their own idea of what the fabric should be on the fabric.  LOL  Silly, but it at least works for me.
On a much sadder note, my IT gal...um...that would be me, tried to edit this photo of her new walnut storage shelves.  I love a day when you learn something new.  Like how to rotate and crop the wrong way!  We found a much used bookcase at hubby's old building.  It's solid, has a beautiful outside finish, lots of potential and most importantly of all...it was FREE!  Woo Hoo!
It's sitting out on our sunroom with the inside edges and corners trimmed out in white.  Which is what the inside will be...except for the shelves.  I might leave them the walnutty color.  (Is that a word?)  I need to go buy a roller to finish it out today.
On a much happier, but somber note, we'd like to welcome Isaac James to the family.  A new little nephew and cousin born yesterday to my brother and his girlfriend.  Isaac has a heart defect and will be facing surgery with the next two weeks.  He has some other health issues as well that require further testing.  All prayers are appreciated for this family!
Lord, we open our hearts and our mouths to bring this child before You.  Aware of his every need, we are confident in You and Your mercy, love and compassion for these little ones.  Hold him close.  Breathe into his soul.  Heal his tiny body that he might serve You all the days of his life.
May it be so.


  1. I am loving those floral fabrics! Very pretty!

  2. Ooh...me too. The larger print I don't have a name for...not enough selvage. The smaller print is 'Fun with Sue' by Little Quilts for Henry Glass and Co. Aren't they pretty!


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