Friday, September 11, 2009


It hasn't been a long week...but we've had our hiccups...pauses...long, deep breaths breathed in and out...and in and out...LOL  Thankful that it's over...wishing it back to fix what went wrong and have the hindsight of knowing what we needed and preparing for it.

A Baby Isaac picture his mommy sent us.  He's doing great considering everything he's gone through and what lies ahead.  Surgery in the near future to help correct the heart defect.  In this picture he's looking up at his mommy.  I loved those smiles and looks of utter adoration my boys gave me.  I'm at the stage now where I'm learning that those smiles and looks will be turned on other girls in their lives.  *Sigh*  It's hard to let go.

A birthday party tonight for the birthday Bean.  Dad took him out last night...another birthday present...we try to make birthdays last as long as we can.  Life is hard enough without a proper celebration of Life!

Over at Wishes True and Kind...waiting to see who won the fabric.  I'm so excited.  Someone is going to have a wonderful package arrive at their door and open a whole new possibility for a quilt or project in a happy, little box!  What fun!  Wouldn't it be neat to see what becomes of the fabric?

Today is 9/11.  Eight years ago today I was at my friend Katie's house.  I had heard about one plane flying into the Tower and everyone still thinking it was an accident.  When we heard of the other plane and what was happening across the nation...I took Bean and we went to spend the day with Katie at her house.  She had two little ones and one on the way.  Neither of us wanted to be alone and our husbands were at work.  She was out of the room when the first Tower fell.  I remember the horror, but the relief she didn't see it happen.  I was worried about her and the pregnancy. 

My thoughts and prayers today for the families and friends of those who perished that day.  Strength.  Courage.  Peace.  Forgiveness.  Remembrance.

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

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