Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Sew and Tell!

I love Fridays!  I get to see some of the most creative and lovely things on Amy's on the button on the side and find out what beautiful projects these incredibly talented women have been working on!

Me...well, after yesterday's comments, I realized I'm more of a perfectionist than I would like to admit!  Not so much about stuff for me or around the house (just ask KT about that...I fly by the seat of my pants most times!), but when I'm making something for someone else, I worry about all the little details.

Here's how I finished off the snowflake block.
Hubby bloke's (hint of where we're going for lunch!  Yippee!) grammy had this incredible stash of fabric.  I was playing around with it and liked the colors with the blue snowflake background.  I have this beautiful purple fabric and well...they spoke to me.
It's really quite soft and subtle...a lot like snowflakes themselves.  I'm going to keep the hexagonal shape and bind it with

the white on the bottom...which is just shot through with little, silver flecks.  Matches the blue snowflake background fabric beautifully.  Does anyone want the silvery, shimmery, see through snowflake material on top?

There's less than a fat quarter and I bought it with delusions of grandeur for this will send it to the first person who lets me know they can use it for something.

Progress on my bunny.

Hexes I whipped up to play with for the mini snowflake...and decided against.

What a 4th grader takes to school to play with and trade like Pokemon cards!  LOL
There is a string on the lid, which explaines why there is what I think is dirt (or chocolate) on the snowflake.
What is it with us and getting my minis dirty?

We have games tomorrow!
I get to wear my personalized "First Aid/Trainer" shirt!

Happy weekend!


  1. WOW Dee that block is amazing! Good for you! I would never have the patience to make something that intricate.

  2. The snowflake is beautiful! The rabbit is wonderful! Your Sew & Tell Friday is a real feast for the eyes!

  3. Dee, that snowflake is just gorgeous. And what a rabbit! Great colour choices! Happy weekend to you and thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that snowflake. I love having some winter decorations that aren't specifically Christmas so you can leave them out longer.

    Also, when I was very young I had a rock collection in egg cartons under my bed so I can relate to your 4th grader!

  5. Dee,

    I really think that snowflake is gorgeous!

    And, the rabbit - that's a lot of work but it is so cute!!!

    You are very creative...

  6. I love the lavender with the blue snowflake. Great color choice. Don't you love how 1 projects evolves into several projects (i.e. now you'll have to do something with your cute blue snowflake hexagons...)

  7. That is just beautiful, Dee! I love it when fabric speaks to me. lol Those always turn out to be the best projects. ;o)

  8. What an amazing snowflake! Love it. And it if the fabric is still available, I'd love to have it :-)

  9. The snowflake block turned out great. I love the purple fabric. I like all your hexagons. Something I hope to try one day. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. See, you found a great way to wrap up that snowflake! I agree with others, you're critiquing yourself too hard. You have done a beauty, here, and the purple is the best!

    Now, let's see what you do with those sweet,multi-sized hexies...? :-}

  11. i love love love the box of rocks to trade!!! all the things you are working on are really turning out beautifully....the bunny is wonderful

  12. A beautiful snowflake! Looks like it was tricky to make? You've done well to have so much done this week.

  13. I love the snowflake block! I hope you do something with the little Hexes, they're so cute!

  14. Great snowflakes. I wish we had snow.

  15. I love it! I love all things snowflake. If you haven't figured out where to send that extra fabric yet, let me know!


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