Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ta Da! and a Giveaway!

As requested:

Three years and he can finally eat broccoli without it getting stuck in his braces!

I was reading through a couple of other blogs and they were sharing some of their collections.  Since the Aunt B quilt isn't quite finished yet, and I'm too much of a sloth smart person to start another project, I'm going to share some of my collections.

Antique, toy watering cans.

Birds.  The blue bird is for Ja, the duck with the flutterby is for Middlest and the coy, sneaky little bird with the twinkle in his eye is for Bean.

Another bird and...seashells.

And now a picture of my Christmas Thanksgiving Cactus that never blooms at Christmas time, but always the week of Thanksgiving!  Go figure!

Actually, this is the cactus you gave me, Mom.  LOL  But mine is full of buds.

For those lovers of all things old and beautiful, Stephanie at a Ditchin' Time Quilts is having a giveaway of an antique doll quilt.

I've also asked for the dog if I win...but somehow, I'm sure that won't happen!  LOL
I got to know Stephanie a bit through her blog.  She's got a heart as big as Texas and she makes amazing quilts.  Sew, pop on over, take a look at her work and make sure you sign up to win!

If When I win, I would then gift this to a dear friend of mine who loves all things patriotic.  She has a love of quilts and right now is going through a trial that I'm just in awe of.  She is maintaining her cool and compassion through this, loving her family and trusting in the Lord to bring her husband and her family the job He would have for them.  She is an amazing woman and I know this would cheer her up and encourage her.

Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on the braces coming off! I remember that day! After my 3 long years w/ braces...what a joy! (bad part...the weekend after getting them off, went on a water slide and broke my front tooth in half!) So tell him to be careful! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. What a happy handsome dude! Congrats on the braces coming off :^) I remember how happy my DD was when hers came off after 3 years.
    Nice giveaway too and cute doggie too...

  3. Congratulations on the braces coming off. We're two kids down and one to go. I love your Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus. Reminds me...I need to get one myself. I had a beautiful one that my grandmother gave me years ago and several years ago it got left behind in a move. So upset when I found out. Yours is gorgeous. Nice Mom you have there to give you such a beautiful plant. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  4. Dee, Thanks for posting my giveaway! I know what it's like for you son to get his braces off...Matt got his off recently at 14 and he looks great! Thanks again, Dee, Steph

  5. Cute collections! I've never known anyone to collect antique toy watering cans! They're wonderful.

  6. those are such fun and sweet little collections...i love your birds. i have a soft spot for them!!!

  7. It must be lovely to be free of the braces, a weird feeling after that much time I would think! I love your little collections, especially the birds. Thanks for the link to Stephanie xo


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