Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now What?

I sewed the pattern faithfully, and I'm wonky in the middle...well, so's the snowflake middle's waaaaay wonky...but look at what I've given birth to...yours would be wonky too if you had had them!
Do you have a wonky middle?

I have no idea how to finish this off.  It looks really pretty pinned up...from across the room!
I'm clueless.
(to those of you in the peanut gallery asking yourselves "what's new about that?" it!  Santa is listening.  Close!)
Don't know.

Shameless plug for you to join in on being "real" in your blog life.
"Everyone else is doing it!"

Realizing how little all of this

and this

 and this

really matter when you have


family!  Meet the newest addition to our menagerie!
A cute little frog Bean made in school.  Here he is, just lazing around on his lilypad.  Hopping for a fly to pass by.

Updated to add that this afternoon, I hit the button to register our oldest, Javi, for college.  Where has the time gone?


  1. I think you're being hard on yourself, Dee. I had to look so hard to see what you were talking about! The beauty of this block as a whole, you don't even notice it! What is this going to be? A pillow? Looks like a lot of work! If you feel really could always make about 8 more, add some white sashing and make a quilt! Then no one would EVER see your wonky middle! (but I bet no one would even notice w/ whatever you use this for!) It's BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I think all you need to do is take the long seam out on this side of the white long skinny middle strip, and scoot this pieced side to the left a little. Sew it with a long basting stitch, to see if you like it before you commit to a tighter seam.

    It's absolutely beautiful.....took my breath away when I saw it in the little pic on my blog sidepost !

  3. Dotty said it best! That's how you fix it. But you know if you don't want to, then don't ! But if it's going to irritate you everytime you look at it then DO fix it! It IS a beautiful snowflake and no 2 are the same, right?

  4. That is one beautiful block! I never would have noticed the wonkiness if you hadn't pointed it out. And, yes, I have a wonky middle, too!

  5. it looks awesome! maybe you could stitch green around all sides, then a light pink around that, then put orange circles on top of the light pink. then add borders, then finish it off. OR leave it how it is!!

  6. i did not even notice that anything was wonky until i looked again after i read it. it looked great...awesome in fact. can't wait to see what comes of it.

  7. I am sorry, but try as hard as I might, I don't see wonkiness. Love the snowflake block. Love your laundry pile too. Congrats on the college bound son. I've got one of those too. So much fun ;-))

  8. I love that snowflake, and I can't even see the wonky middle. We are all hardest on ourselves. I'll have to try "being real" in my blog soon, I just moved and the disaster state my new place is in would make anyone feel better about their clutter!


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