Friday, November 20, 2009

Sew and Tell Friday Finish

Friday?  Again?  Already?
Well, here we are once more friends and family.  I hope your week was a good one and that today doesn't see you just hanging on by a thread.

This week I finished up my mini swap projects.
You will probably remember this

well, she's washed, dried and crinkly ready to go...minus the caramel dipping sauce!  She shrank a little, but it doesn't seem to bother her much!  LOL 

My other official finish is

the Snowflake mini.  I'm so loving the colors and the softness of it all, I can't stand it!  This may have to be repeated to become a quilt for snuggling up under.
When Christmas is over.
Which means all my hand crafted gifts should will be finished.

Anywho...I found something to do with the cute, little snowflake hexes

they're on the back.  Falling softly through the first snowfall of the season.
I hope she likes it.  She gave me this to help me decide what to make, "I like the traditional Christmas colors as well as the Victorian pinkish Christmas colors and the winter blue and white shades."

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

Bean scored in the reading material!  Mimi M. brought down a whole bunch of "boy flavored" books for him to devour.  We ride in the car at night with the light on for reading purposes.  We all have our noses stuck in books at dinnertime (who needs to talk when Frank and Joe Hardy are in danger?).  We have a light they can read by in bed when they're supposed to be asleep.  (I don't mind them staying up a little bit more until they're good and tired as long as they're reading...doorway to innumerable worlds and a greater imagination, verbal skills etc!  LOL)

Well, one of WIP's is a Christmas gift that I'm working on now that the minis are finished. 

Hubby sniffles has an aunt in a care facility.  She loves flutterbys.  This summer, the house she had lived in with Grammy (who passed about this time not so long ago) for so, so many years was auctioned off along with most of their accumulated belongings.  Mimi M. found huge stashes of fabric and a lot of them had flutterbys in them.  She lovingly washed and ironed all the fabric...think armloads here!...and I chose fabric that I thought Aunt B might like.  I've got the top done

(my moments picture...yes, that is a stain on the carpet that I'm telling myself real hard I don't care about enough to clean before having Thanksgiving Dinner here next week!)
once again inspired by RPQ's beautiful pattern.

It's a lap size quilt and I have the fabric to add the sashing.  I'm working on a pieced back and hope to have it finished by next Friday, even if we don't have Sew and Tell.

small fabric basket with doggie bone shaped cookies for the mail lady
K's doll baby quilts
B's rolled pencil holder
something for KT
something for hubby snookums
and the fun just goes on and on, and on, and on!

I love life!
Happy, happy day to you all!


  1. Oh, that snowflake is adorable!

  2. oh, so much to comment on! The snowflake turned out great. love it. and the score on the books is awesome! I love books, my hubby loves books and we are hoping to raise 2 girls that love books as well. My 16 month old will already sit down and look at books for a long time, which is pretty amazing to me! The 5 year old can hardly stand that she can't read yet and is chomping at the bit to be able to actually read all her books that fill her book case!

    And I absolutely LOVE the quilt for your Aunt! I really need to make one of these. I wish I would have seen this and your vacation quilt months ago b/c I started a basic 9-patch for my mother in law and I really don;t care for the traditional 9-patch. But the white centers alternated w/ a colored center is beautiful! I already have a bunch 9-patches made and quite a few more to do, but I'm not willing to undo what's done at this point! ;) But SOMEDAY I will make one of these! Can't wait to see this all done. I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the colors of the snowflake, they're perfect! And love that you got to use your hex's on the back too! What a beautiful 'flutterby' quilt top. So thoughtful of you, I hope she loves it!! I use spot shot (blue & orange aerosol can w/ orange top) on carpet stains. That stuff is miraculous, I tell you, miraculous!!!

  4. You could always send me the kitty. The flutterby quilt will be so loved. Very nice projects!

  5. You are always working on lovely gifts - and I love all the little mini quilts you are making.

    I want the snowman cat!!! :) He is too cute!!!

  6. I love your mini quilts. Such a `cool` cat and I love the way you snuck the hexes onto the back of the snowflake one.
    Thanks for your comment on our blog!

  7. You are so energetic! Work consumed far too much of my time this week.... The quilt for your aunt is beautiful. What a nice labor of love.

  8. I love the quilt you are making for your aunt. She is going to really get a lot of pleasure out of it and there is a lot to look at on it!

  9. The soft colours of the snowflake are lovely. Really looking forward to the flutterby quilt.

  10. I really like your snowflake mini, especially quilted with the little ones on the back... they were meant to be together! And then ALL these other things, too, you put me to shame! Good work!

  11. You are so inspiring! you get so much done and have a family! you are an amazing woman :)
    my son LOVES to read too! I love your kitty, especially the tail and her whiskers and oh those snowflakes fallaing, you are a genious and so creative.
    You are a sweetie for making your hubbys aunt that quilt, she is going to love it. Hugs! have a great weekend!

  12. The snowflakes are so neat! And that quilt top is pretty too! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love all of your blocks. A butterfly quilt is a great idea. There are so many great butterfly fabrics out there, hmmmmm maybe a butterfly quilt in my future! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh we will have sew & tell! Come on back!

    I love the cat and the little snowflakes. I think your butterfly quilt will be great!

  15. What a fun post! It always feels like visiting with a friend whenever I stop by here. :o) I love all of the projects you've been working on, and look forward to seeing more. I especially love the quilt for your auntie. I'm sure it'll brighten her days!

  16. Wow! You've been busy. I love the snow kitty! Which reminds me I need to start my swap project (yikes!) How sweet of you to do a flutterby quilt for Auntie. Our elderly are such treasures~so full of stories and memories~to think what they've lived through to tell about. Hardy Boys is a must in our house too~such the intrigue. Have a good week Dee!

  17. Love the way the Kitty looks sans caramel dipping sauce ;-)) and the snowflake with extra hexagons floating down the back. Your WIP with the flutterbys is beautiful. So sweet of you to make a nice huggable for your husband's aunt. I'm sure she will love it. So awesome that your boys are readers. We too have reading lights (sometimes flashlights) in the car for night time reading. My daughter even takes a book to the restaurant when we go out to eat. Very anti social of her...but she gets it honestly from her mom. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing the completed project this Friday.

  18. Dee these finishes are awesome. the mini quilts are so cute. the lap quilt is beautiful. i love the shot of it on the floor...the colors look so pretty


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