Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy the Day After!

We had an ominous start to the day.
We plugged in the tree and...
no lights!
I think it's revenge for my not wanting to put the tree up this year.
Hubby pessimist-sees-omens-everywhere asked "I wonder what this means?"
I optimistic-sunshiney-glass-half-full sort of person says calmly "New lights next year."

Snowbirds called from the Sunshine State in the am.
Almost all of hubby-sees Death's angel in the door-'s family came over for breakfast.
Day spent at the in laws with all the family in attendance and chaos reigning supreme!
Home at a reasonable hour.
Sleeping in on the 26th.
No sewing like I'd hoped for.

One of my favorite days of the year is December 21st.
"The 21st?", you ask.
The shortest day of the year means days can only get longer from here.
And you know what that means!
Spring is on the way!
Woo Hoo!


  1. I'm with you, Dee! Hurray for days getting longer again! My favorite day is December is the 26th. Calm and quiet after all the fun and chaos of extended family all day the day before. The house is clean and decorated, and I just take all day to relax and enjoy being home.

  2. Me, too, Dee !
    My hubby loves to tease me on June 21st, by telling me that it is the LONGEST day of the year, and they're gonna start getting shorter the next day ! aghhhhhhhh!
    Why are men such pessimists?

    So we can work on them ALL OF OUR LIVES !

    Love ya !

  3. you always crack me up...i am just imagining that conversation between you and your husband. And you spending the day with what sounds to be his very cheerful family ...have a good new year. i am all for longer days, just not the warmer weather. we are cold loving folks around our house.

  4. love that Dee! new lights for next year it is!! love that photo, makes me want to start sewing up some bright, shiny stuff for spring!!


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