Monday, December 21, 2009

Lady Threatens to Set the T-Rex On Me!

Sunday, hubby snowflake took the boys "shopping" and they were gone a long time.  Before they left, they had helped tidy up the house so I would have time to work on finishing Aunt B's quilt.
This summer I got a new Janome Quilter's Companion and it came with a walking foot.
This close to Christmas I didn't have time to quilt using a meandering stitch like I, I just did a simple grid quilt pattern.  I really like the way it turned out.
And so does Lady.
Who doesn't want to see the quilt leave the house.
And threatens to tell Rexy.
Which is a whole other story that will have to be told later!

Also, by the end of last week, I had finished up this

for a certain, sweet, shy, friend from Middlest's science class.

When Sew Mama Sew went insane a couple of weeks ago...I cashed in on the insanity!
Tina of cutelittlepiggytoes was gifting away
"a pair of New-Mommy Warming Slippers (made with Amy Butler fabric) and new-Baby Booties. The booties should fit 6-12months and the slippers fit up to size 8. The mommy warming slippers are something new I'm making. The bottom of the slippers have pockets full of rice. So, just pop these babies in the micro and you've got some soft warming slippers."

They came.  I saw.  They conquered!
They are...absolutely...the Bomb!

My feet get so blasted cold in the winter, I could not have won a better giftaway! 
This is also a "Moments' picture.  On the left, last year's school stuff, some of which we still use.  Behind my feet, this year's school stuff we definitely use!
Also included in the package of sunshine and cheerfullness

little bitty buddy shoes that need to be shipped to Florida!

An origami ornament (which thrilled the male people of my house to no ends!) which is too cool!

star fabric and quilt labels!  Tina went above and beyond and I am adding her to my blogroll, because anyone who can survive three boys and a husband is a Superhero to me!  I hope you stop by and take a look and maybe order yourself a pair of the best slippers in the world!

Thanks again Tina!


  1. Those slippers look amazing! My feet are always cold in the winter, and I'd love a pair of those. Unfortunately, we are probably the only family in North America without a microwave. My husband is afraid of them - doesn't want to eat anything that's had its "molecules jiggled". Next thing I know, he'll be wearing a tinfoil hat! Anyway, I envy you your cozy tootsies! Well done on the win!

  2. I love the way that quilt looks ! Is that a polyester batting?

    My feet are only cold when I slide into those cold sheets......I keep a pair of (storebought) wool socks in my nightstand drawer, and slip them on just before I go to bed, shedding them about 30 minutes later when my feet finally get HOT.

    Merry Christmas !

  3. That first picture made me smile. No matter how many quilts I make, there is always some family member ready to claim each one for their own. But -- in reality, the pets think they own all the quilts. Congratulations on a great giveaway win!

  4. I live vicariously through your completed projects! My mom bought me a pair of those warming socks, mine were made with lavender and were great until I burnt them in the microwave...... Now I just have a hotwater bottle!

  5. yeah!!! those slippers are amazing. the quilting you did looks great. Merry Christmas

  6. You totally deserve those slippers and they look great! Once again you are full of inspiration getting so many beautiful projects done! I am in awe!
    You have one cute dog too, it looks like she has a little smile/smirk on her face :)and her eyes are definetly saying something!

  7. Dee, you've accomplished quite a bit this close to Christmas. I am envious. Aunt B's quilt looks beautiful. I love your grid line quilting. I can see why your puppy wants to keep it. Those slippers do look like "the bomb". Too bad I am done with my Christmas shopping. They would make great gifts. I will check them out with future gifts in mind. Have a joyous Christmas!!!! My internet access will be hit or miss for the next week or two, but I hope to find time to check in on my blogging buddies from time to time ;-)))

  8. I'm so happy to see you received your package before Christmas!! The slippers look great on you and I hope you're enjoying them. :-)

    Tell the boys that I've added a tutorial for the Christmas ornament on my blog. I'm tickled that they liked it so much!

    I'm so glad to have met you and made a new "cyber friend". (My dh thinks I'm crazy that I have friends that I've never actually met in person. I think it's wonderful!!)


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