Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday fell into the week with a BANG!

Okay, I figure I had to share this here...

I've been growing out my hair for hubby macho man.  Plus, I hadn't had time to have it colored or highlighted lately, so I'm looking kinda dark.  Actually, my grandma Payne was starting to stare back at me from the mirror, so what happens next probably isn't totally the poor woman's fault.

I shop at Goodwill.  You all know this. 
One day I was in our LGWS and had a couple of sheets and pillowcases to add to the stash.
It was Wednesday.
For those of you who don't shop at Goodwill, that means all the mean little seasoned citizens who live in our town and shop there can go in and get a huge discount.  And be rude.  And grab things from your hands.  And run their shopping carts into you.
Obnoxiousness to the max!

The woman at the checkout register asked me if I got a senior discount.  Me!  Who still feels 23 inside, is barely into my 40's, rides shopping carts down the incline at Marsh's, totally flubs at parenting 98% of the time because I still don't feel grown up enough to be a parent!  Me!

Once I managed to pick my jaw (which is still full of all my own teeth, thank you very much!) off the floor, I told her I might if AARP keeps lowering its membership age.

Pasty white and shaking with shock, I walk to the cute little Honda Civic that I thought I looked cute, young and sassy in...and wept.
Thursday morning.
Over to Misty.
Who cut off about 9 inches of hair, winter highlighted me and made me look like Victoria Beckham.

Think me.  Only without the tattoos!  LOL

That was a couple of weeks ago.
This morning.
2:30 am.
Middlest comes into the room and says "There's something downstairs I have to show you."
Holy Crap!  You don't just sleep through that one now, do you?

I need to back up about 6 months here.
Middlest, who has responsibility and short term memory issues LOL was carrying around his wallet (which he'd already lost once...and found in the pocket of a pair of jeans he put away in the bottom of his drawer) with over $90 in cash and about that much in gift cards.  Wherever he went.  After he'd been told to leave it at home wherever it was he was going whenever.

So, I confiscated it and have it hidden somewhere in the house for security reasons.  Everything is still in there,

Last night this morning, he apparently felt the need to look for it.  And thought it might be on the shelves in the family room.  The shelves that can't be reached by a non-thinking 14 year old boy...unless you stand on the...

Mom and Dad, you might want to stop reading here.

fiberboard tv stand your grandparents gave you mom and dad when they got a new one.
Crack went the fiberboard.
Thunk went the kid.
Sliiiiiiiiiide went the tv.

He woke us up and we flew down the stairs.  Bless his heart.  He did try to fix it.  With duck tape.  With superglu.  With blood, sweat and tears.

No children were injured in the telling of this tale.  Thank God.
But, Mom and Dad, if you're reading this and are thinking you don't like your old/new tv stand and would like to get another one...he he.  We're in the market.

I love kids.


  1. It's only a material thing - as long as middllest is OK - love Mom

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry, hubster saw my comment and felt it was a little too personal.

    Anyway, I bet you look good and sassy, now !

  4. Oh my, I feel guilty for laughing, but you tell it so well. There's nothing like a sassy haircut to make you feel all new and young! I laughed at the duct tape and superglue - Kids!

  5. P.S. Is that a new banner? It's so pretty!

  6. I love me some Goodwill. Did not realize that Wednesdays were dangerous! Haha!

    Glad no one got hurt in the wallet hunt. Years ago, oldest son left his on his car roof, drove off, and yeah, you get the idea. A kind stranger mailed it back to us! Kids.

  7. oh goodness...what a way to start the day. sorry that unknowing person insulted you. how about a picture of you in that hair?

  8. Wow... your story made me smile. I guess I'll get pay-back for that when my son turns 14.

    I bet you look 23 with your new hair cut. It's very fun and youthful.

  9. Ack, that's a painful/funny Goodwill story. Bet your hair looks great.

  10. Love that hair cut! Well, at least it wasn't a trip to the E.R. and you get to go back to Goodwill to look for a T.V. stand!

  11. I can totally relate AGAIN! turning 40 this past year has changed alot of things in my laugh, I am giggling at your post because you explain everything to the T.
    HUGS! now we want to see a picture of YOU! I love that hairstyle and wish I could pull something off like that :)


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