Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Victory in Admitting My Limitations!

Okay, two people today whom I love and admire very much asked "What's wrong with you?  Are you all right?", because there's been no new post since last Wednesday!

I have been "sewing like a mad woman" and having sew many of my projects take more time that I wanted them to (or the directions said they should!), only to have to put aside malformed, mis-sewn, totally screwed up bits of evidence of time I can never get back.

It's too late to start over and I'm spending time frustrated when I could be spending it enjoying my family and friends.

Nutz to anymore handmade gifts this year!  No pencil roll ups (Leslie, I needed your mojo on this one!), no  more fabric baskets, no cute messenger bag and the quilt for Aunt B is looking more and more like a birthday present.  LOL


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Part of the equation is the amount of time I need to spend with my kids.  Homeschooling is fun, but it can be time consuming!  Especially when you're learning Cartesian coordinates and how to graph perpendicular lines, and find the standard form of the equation of the line.
It's okay.  I'm clueless too most of the time.  LOL

Another all day event was celebrating our state's 193 birthday with Bean's class.

Bean and then here are some of the kids from our group.

And a rotunda I would love to have as a quilt! 
It was an all day event our school was honored to be a part of.  Over 700 kids from all over the state.  We even got to see "Our Man Mitch" pouring his own cuppa Joe and he had all the kids in our group come in his office and talked to them and signed their little activities passport book.

Saturday was an all day trip to a town that Time forgot.  Ever see the movie "Hoosiers"?  Well, we played in a gym straight from the 40's/50's.  It was awesome!  The scenic drive south, the houses and Christmas decorations of the town felt like we had stepped back into Life as Norman Rockwell would have known and painted it.

Sunday...day of rest?  LOL

Monday...co-op, Christmas accessories shopping, and "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince" movie night.

Tuesday...well, I have two botched projects on the table and I'm not going to go look at them again!  Except to place them in the trash bucket!

Sew, now I'm back to where I started. 

Tonight is a choir concert for Middlest's friend at school.  She is very cute!

Tomorrow is a day of work around the house and trying to remember where the washer and dryer are.

Thursday is the Christmas program at Bean's school.

And Friday, well, I'm going guilt free shopping for two nieces, an aunt, a nephew and whatever else needs shopped for manufactured by someone else who's probably not on the "naughty" list like me!

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Because I'm trying really hard to celebrate and remember what the real Reason of the Season is all about!
Love.  Hope.  Joy.  Peace.
On earth.
For me.
For you.


  1. Hi Dee! No worries~you can only do what you can do. There are projects that are destined for the round file! If you find yourself in need of a little help with math, I recommend Math For Elementary Teachers, by Wiley~it doesn't matter which addition. It's a wonderful resource for parents and my very first math text when I began my math credential. Whenever I'm pushed for time, I add a few homebaked cookies to a purchased gift~yummy and appreciated. And you're right~Peace. Hope. Joy and Love are the reasons~no one ever said anything about stress and dismay. Happy Holidays!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. I'll be one to admit I have been in this situation more than once before. Family is what is important. Especially during the Christmas Season. There is always going to be laundry and dishes to do. None of us are Super Women. I'll have to agree with Dorrie, attach some yummy cookies to a bought gift always works.

    Enjoy life!

    I loved the Half Blood Prince, by the way :o)

  3. Oh Dee! you already do a ton of things! wow! You are an amazing woman!
    Yes we all need to remember the real reason and not do the stress out thing (advice to myself)
    Your kids are getting the best gift, which is you teaching them, what a wonderful and giving mom you are!

  4. I have lots of gift ideas in my head to make. Whatever does not get done, does not get done. The recipient(s) don't know what they are getting anyway so they get what they end up with, which is looking like it will be store bought. I'm not one of those that can make Christmas gifts in July, I have to make stuff in season. It all works out just fine. :)

  5. It is both humbling and liberating to realize you can't do it all!! Don't be hard on yourself. I call my mistakes opportunities. Sometimes they teach me something new and sometimes they teach me to let go... letting go is the hardest. Enjoy your busy family time!

  6. It's never an easy time of year is it, you sound so busy, I hope you get some time to take a break in there somewhere. xo

  7. Wonderful Mother, wife, best friend and my sunshine. You are perfect in my eyes.

  8. Oh, I know how hard it is to step away from the hand crafted ideas that you're trying to make real - when they aren't working it all seems so terrible. But when you step away and see that it's your time, in the form of a lovely handmade, that is the true gift - it's ok to give that time as TIME. Enjoy your Christmas TIME with your loves!

  9. Dee, you've been missed!!!! But, no worries, you are entitled to take a break from blogging, sewing, etc. especially when you are giving so much to your family. I made my last Christmas gift yesterday...not the last one on my (never ending) list....just decided it had to be the last one. It was hard to accept the fact that some gifts were going unmade...for now. The best gift you can give your family and friends is the gift of you....the you that realizes it is important to "celebrate and remember what the real Reason of the Season is all about!
    Love. Hope. Joy. Peace.
    On earth.
    For me.
    For you."

    Merry Christmas!!!!


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