Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday slunk along slowly!

Sleeping in.
Long talk lying on the bed.
Getting everyone ready for the last day of the year.
Wal Mart.
Lowe's. (the tv table is now fixed, such a clever man I married!)
The mall.
Back home.
Doggy tended and fed.
Cat ignored.
Extra kid picked up.
Extra tv loaded into the CRV. (monster video game marathon tonight for the guys)
At the in-loves.
Playing Games.
Ringing in the New Year.

Happy 2010!


  1. Sounds like a full day :o)

    Happy New Year!! May it be creative for you.

  2. Very busy and productive day! I have not accomplished much, a little bit of sewing on the binding on a small (too small) table runner and being a bum with this yucky cold I have. HAPPY 2010 to you too!

  3. oh and I LOVE your new banner! it's so pretty and fresh! I am having a friend make me a new one this week :)

  4. sounds like you had the same day i had...lots of hanging around and shopping in the afternoon. happy new year to you

  5. Happy new year to you too!!
    I have been trying to contact you. you're onw of my PIF recipients and I don't have your mail info. Could you e-mail it to me through my blog, please?

  6. Happy New Year Dee!!!! Hope your holidays were wonderfully spent with family and friends. Love your In-Loves saying. Sounds like a fun way to ring in the new year!!!


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