Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Javi!

Who turns 18 today!

Was it just a short 18 years ago that your Dad was stuck in another town when it was time to go to the hospital?
With all sorts of snow, ice and cold temperatures?

Then at about six months old, Daddy and I were sitting at the dining room table and heard you babbling and laughing.  Heard it getting closer.  And closer.  And realized you had somehow gotten yourself out of your crib and were at the top of the stairs wanting to come down.

Hazel eyes.
First smile.
First steps.
Long afternoon naps with you upstairs in our sunshined warm bedroom.
Reading stories to you and playing Play Doh together.
The time you took all the labels off the canned goods in the cupboard when I wasn't looking.  Mystery meals for a while.
Your blue blankies.
Adding a little brother.
Meeting Joshie.
Adding another little brother.
Fishing at the lakes.
Riding bikes.
Army men.
Buzz Lightyear.
Losing your blankies at the hospital.
Junior high and off to camp.
All the trips to the beach.
Boogie boards and body surfing.
Scuba diving with Josh.
Wanting to be a sniper.
Learning to drive.
Cell phone of your own.
High school.
National Christian Honor Society.
Volunteering at the library and tutoring.
Tae Kwan Do.
Teaching it to the little kids.
Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom


  1. Sniff. Trickling tear. I remember those blue blankies. I remember your changing his diaper in our apartment when he was <3. I remember saving him from pulling a rake down on himself at the garden center. I remember him introducing us to "The Hairbrush Song". I remember the list of Bible verses so carefully printed and given. I remember DS'S. Such a handsome young man. Praying for great things for him in the center of the Lord's will all his life. Love him. Will be making a bunch of pizzas for his not a graduation party!!!
    Aunt KT
    Tell him that I will try not to be so mushy to his face!

  2. AWWW! what a special post Dee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAVI! He sounds like an amazing young man!

  3. Happy Birthday, Javi! What wonderful memories. :)

  4. well happy birthday!!! what a great list of remembrances

  5. Happy birthday, Javi, and to you, Dee! It's your celebration as much as his!

  6. Good job mom! I hope you all had a wonderful day~fond memories, hugs and cake!

  7. Your oldest and mine have the same b day! Only my oldest turned 27!

    Happy Birthday Javi.

  8. Dee, what a super sweet post!!! Happy Birthday to your Javi!!!! He seems like such a special young man....and handsome too. What a milestone birthday. I hope it was a specially memorable one!!!

  9. That's beautiful. Happy Birthday to your precious son. Memories by Elvis started playing in my head as I read through this post. Do you know that song? Sweet memories.

  10. Happy belated birthday to Javi! I loved reading what you wrote about him. Sounds like a great kid! PS. Does he have a girlfriend?


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