Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sewing Machine Birth Defect

Yesterday was a bad day.
But through it all, your comments helped and I could feel you all out there.
My mom, who is so good at reading between my not so subtle lines, called from her snowbird home.
Hubby called and I cried a little on his shoulder.

Georgia's Quilt from RPQ

Days like yesterday make you really stop and think.
About a lot of things.
Mostly opposites.
Cold. Hot.
Dark. Light.
Up. Down.
Good. Bad.

Maybe one of the reasons I appreciate the heat and humidity so much is because of how cold it gets here.
I know I value a dark room when I have a migraine and the light hurts.
I enjoy a good downward coast on my bike after huffing it up a steep hill.
Knowing that I can even call something bad, means that something good has to be out there to in the world of balances.

So, yesterday, I focused on the good.  The bright.  The blessing.

And today, the sun came out (not here, but somewhere, I'm sure it wasn't hidden behind snow clouds!).
My children woke from their slumber and smiled at me at least once.
Hubby dear went off to work when so many didn't.
My home, while not 74 degrees, is a comfortable temperature.
I have running water.  Hot and cold.
Our pantry if full of somewhat nutritious and somewhat not, food.
I'm not going down to the creek to beat my clothes on a rock or heat water over an outside fire under a kettle to do laundry.
My car has heated seats.

One day, I will understand.  Someday, wrong will be made right, and all the hurts will be soothed.
Until then, I will count my blessings and see them as the gifts they are.

What are your blessings to count today?

My baby was born with a birth defect.
The doctor just called.  When my Janome was being put together, he thinks the lower shaft was scratched or twisted.
The bushing has seized to the lower shaft.
We'll be on the list for a transplant, that with shipping time, could take up to a month to get.
Good news is that we're still under warranty and all that I'm out is shipping.
But, in the meantime,
no sewing for me.


  1. You Dee, are a ray of sunshine!
    I think sometimes we need to have days like those ya know? helps us find perspective :)
    sorry about your baby's birth defect, glad it's going to be under the warranty! but bad about a month to take to get fixed! yikes!

    My blessings, I have a hubby who supports us and has a good job, I have a great son who is so good (I do not deserve!), I get to go to school, I have some family that I am close too and I have a nice new sewing machine!
    Hugs sweetie! may God bless you today Dee1

  2. Here's a song for you today. paste this link into your browser then click on the arrow to hear this song, Only the World sung by Mandisa. Let me know what you think!


  3. It really is the little things which bring joy to us all~the love of family is really the best! Heated seats aren't bad, either! The appreciation of what you have is the truly a gift within itself. Here are more hugs for you! And given your baby is out for repair, a hand stitching project may be just the thing~

  4. sorry about the sewing machine, i hope you are back to sewing soon!

  5. Perspective. I try to keep it. Try to rememeber that there is one simple goal I want my loved ones and I to reach.
    In the mean time there are the smaller blessings..... The sun was out here today, a half a world away from you, I was thankful and I will wish some of it your way. That my family, though not all together, loves deeply. That I have friends old, new and never met.

  6. you amaze me...choosing to be positive is more than half the battle. i hope that your heart heals a little...sorry too about the machine. bummer not to have that outlet right now.

  7. Dee, I love your positivity!!!! How wonderful that you can see all the little blessings in your life which is truly a blessing in itself. I agree that heated seats are a wonderful thing. (My husband's car even has vented seats that are cool in the summer time.) I'm glad your baby has been diagnosed and on its way to being treated. I agree with Dorrie...a hand sewing project would be good right now. Keep smiling!!! Sending more hugs and prayers your way.

  8. Dee -- I love your resilience! My special blessing today is that it's Friday and my last day before a week off + another day for President's Day. Glad your baby is on the road to recovery.



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