Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Under the Snow, Under the Weather, Undersewed!

All I see is white and shades of gray!
This is not where I live!  If it was, it might be more bearable because the sun is shining.  Here, it ain't!

My laptop has been under the weather.  Like, all weekend.  No browsing.  No blogging.  Nuttin'.
Hubby smarts has patched things up and I'm quasi capable of connecting to the wide, wild, world.

First, my Janome.
Then, I got inspired (and cabin crazy) and got out my trusty Singer.  He has tension trouble, but hey, don't we all?
I cleaned him up.
New spool o'thread and bobbin.
Practice fabric to see what I might be able to sew and----

--no needle.  Nowhere.  None.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  (noodle)

What's a girl to do?
Lest you think I've been lazy, three new scarves are hanging out around our house.
One for hubby sweets.
One for sister.
One for C-man.

I am also reading, reading, reading.
Finished two books this week and started another one.
"The Independence of Mary Bennet" by Colleen McCullough.
I am an Austian fan of huge proportions!  Meaning, I like her a lot, not that my proportions are huge or anything!
And I liked McCullough's "Anthony and Cleopatra" and "The Thorn Birds" was all the rage when I was a teenager.  Ooh, and "The First Man in Rome" by her too.  I had high hopes!

Bummer in so many ways.  Disappointing like a drunk relative.  You still love him or her because of the history you have with them, but, the little things you're told or that they do make you cringe and long for something better.  Wrapping it up today and thinking "I could so much better than knocking Lydia off with a feather pillow!  My goodness woman, what were you smoking when you wrote this book?"

Today, we have a snowday!  Our state map is all white too!
Schools closed.
Hubby safe is in the SUV (and people wonder why we have them...duh!  two words.  Midwest.  Winters.  I could probably throw in some other words like ice, sleet, black ice, 6-12 inches of snow, freezing rain, slide offs, wrecks, pile ups, drifting, blowing and long distances between towns and crazy people who live in the country!)

C-man was to be decked out in some spanky clothes today!
Suit coat from local menswear clothing legend store.
Manly man leather shoes and belt. 
Smokin' creme colored, pinpoint dress shirt.  Freshly pressed and k-e-r-i-s-p!
Way cool retro tie that pulled it all together with dark chocolate brown trousers.
(even bought new tshrits to wear under the shirt, we're so hip and prepared in case we were in an accident and needed new, clean underwear!)
to go page at the state capitol.
Ain't happenin'
Because of those "other" words I just used above.
He's thoroughly disappointed and the other boys had projects, papers and things they wanted to do at school today.
How could they cancel?
I mean, really, they wonder why our kids can't read.  It's not anything but these snowdays.  Our kids don't want to miss school and ruin their future careers and earning potential.  Instead of going back to phonics, we just all need to move south.  Where they never have snowdays and the kids can go and learn, and enjoy themselves for seven hours a day, every day!

Eh.  I didn't really want the day to go quilt store shopping.  I mean, it's not like I stole Javi's laptop to look up quilt and fabric stores in the area or anything.
Writing down their addresses to program into my ready and waiting, loaded in the car GPS.
It's not like I hadn't packed a new book of checks in the checkbook, charged my phone and located anything remotely rectangular in shape made of plastic with magical names like "Visa", "Discover" and "Mastercard".
I absolutely did not get out my comfy, walking, serious shopping shoes.
Or pack my eco-friendly shopping bag to put all my loverly new babies in.


  1. Oh No! what's Dee gonna do? No sewing machine, a sketchy laptop and no outing to the quilt shops...maybe it's movie day? After all that's the kind of thing you do on a snow day!?!

  2. Oh, Dee, thank you so much for this post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You are referred to in my house as The Poet! You do not disappoint. I'm sorry you had internet issues...have to get those fixed...we rely on your daily wisdom. How sad that your son did not get to to the Capitol. That really stinks. Will he get another opportunity? I sure hope so. As far as moving south goes, you will just be trading snow days for hurricane days! Be safe, stay warm. There is always online fabric stores...not the same, I know...but they take those plastic rectangle things you were referring to!

  3. I agree with Rene above!
    hoping all gets fixed and keeps working! we need you around here and we also need to see your creations!
    You could always move out to AZ?!! we have some good quilt shops and my computer is working that you could shop from!

  4. This is why a secret stash of whatever puts a smile on your face should be hiding under the bed with the dust bunnies. Just for these kinds of days. Then VOILA you pull it out and happiness settles all over and you completely forget about broken machines and stubborn relatives. Send me your address and I'll send you something wrapped in pretty paper to add to the box.:)

    P.S. HUGS.

  5. Line of the day: "Disappointing like a drunk relative."


  6. Sorry 'bout all the snow ruining your plans! It's hard enough to squeeze in some "me" time, but to have the weather be the culprit. . .aargh! And by the way, I can totally relate to the drunk relative thing. . .wow!


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