Monday, February 15, 2010

Would You Let Him Live?

I am not the world's thinnest person.
In fact, I'm a little "doughy" around the middle.
Too many kids.
Too many good meals.
Too little exercise.

Hubby Valentine had flowers delivered to me at home Friday.  A dozen, long stemmed roses and baby's breath.  A valentine card from the boys and the dog on the front looks almost exactly like Lady.
He ordered the Jane Austen movie "Persuasion" (the version with Ciarnan Hinds) for me.
A funny valentine from him to me in the morning.
A serious valentine from him on my pillow last night.

What a sweetheart!

So, we're wrapping up the day last night.
Talking over events.
How much we miss each other since his work is 14-16 hrs a day right now.

He lays his hand on my tummy and starts squishing me.
Firmly rubbing and patting my middle.
Looking very intent.

I ask him in a "I can't believe you're playing with my fat like this" voice, "Just exactly what are you doing?"

He replies, "I'm just kneading (needing) you."

Does he live, or should I wait until he falls asleep and pop him upside the head?


  1. Aw, he's a sweetie with the roses, movie and cards, but "no kneading" is my motto! A gentleman should never notice those extra inches. Off with his head!

  2. I giggled my way through this....the kneading? i think you should whack him...i even had my husband read this, prefaced by, "don't ever do this". he also got a good laugh.

  3. Let him live. Men are just so clueless. They can do everything right, then blow it (and not get why). Any man who orders a Jane Austen movie is a keeper.


  4. I've let mine live and so must you! I've just come to the conclusion that our guys don't see what we dislike about our post baby, doughy bodies, not when they love us so much.

  5. AWWWW! what a sweetie Dee! he sounds like a keeper, so yes, let him live!

    I am laughing so loud at your KNEADING comment! you are one funny chick!

  6. Sounds like you had a really nice Valentine's day! All your boys were so nice to you...even hubby with the kneading/needing you!

  7. Oh my goodness. This post practically had me rolling on the floor. I think you should let him live but find some other subtle way to make him pay!

  8. let him live

    he sounds like a sweetie....can't help it if he has a strange way of expressing himself :>)


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