Saturday, February 20, 2010

New York Beauty Block

Yesterday, I got to see the cutest, funniest, most inspiring video from Des over at Quilt Taffy,
It will bring a smile to you this morning when you go check it out.

I finished up my test block for the NYB.

Sew now I have two quilt blocks for my "Copy Cat" quilt that I'm making as the bee goes along.

I'm waiting to hear back from Jennifer about the finished size.
I used a pattern from here and I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be 8.5" x 8.5", but Joan and I are having the same difficulty since we chose the same block.  Great minds think alike!
Our finished block is coming out 8.25" x 8.25".
I've offered to try another block and try to finagle the size if Jennifer would like me to.
She's pretty easy going and I like that in a quilter!
You should check out her blog!
She has some incredibly beautiful blocks and quilts!!

Making progress on my Pillow Talk pillow too!
I love having my machine back!
What do you guys think?  Too cutesy?  I know it's not like the flickr example, but I liked the color play and didn't want to put the birds in the bottom, right hand corner.  I might do the back that way though.

Javi's dance is tonight.
It's snowing.
We have junior high and varstiy games about an hour away from home tonight.
It's snowing.
Which makes me a little bit anxious about all the different places all of us are going to be tonight.
Prayer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for all your kind words and compliments.  They are so uplifting and encouraging, I'm starting to become an approval addict!  LOL  Is there such a thing as Approval Addicts Anonymous?

Have a totally awesome weekend!  


  1. I like you bee block with the birds and AB Love. Yummy colors!

    I wish Jennifer would weigh in on those NYB blocks. I have to say I'm not that excited to make another. Wonder how others are doing. It's been kind of quiet this month.

  2. I LOVE your bird block! That is SO AWESOME! The other blocks are great too! Curved piecing.....umm, I think I'll pass, thank you! Way too hard for someone who doesn't like to pin anything! Great job, Dee!

  3. K, that quilt taffy post was hilarious.

    Your blocks are gorgeous as usual. I have seen some similar to your NYBs that I want to try one day...

    Started snowing again here a couple of hours ago...Be careful out there!

  4. i could join that group...your blocks are coming out great. i love the bird in the middle of the block.

  5. Great NY Beauty. Every block I try is coming out 8.25 too!

    Love your pillow so far. I heart the birdcage!

  6. Dee, I hope the dance went well and everyone arrived safely at their destination. I absolutely LOVE the birdcage block with the Amy Butler fabric surrounding it!!!! Not too cutesy at all! Your other blocks are great too. That first block with the curved piecing is amazing! So pretty too with the colors you chose. I can tell you and your baby have been spending lots of quality time together.

  7. Your lovebirds block is TOO cute and your NY block came out nice. I'm glad mine is done because, for some reason, it was a stinker to do.

    P.S. Said a few prayers for safe travel for you. xoxo

  8. You've been very productive!! I love the log cabin. It's perfect. Both blocks look difficult, but came out wonderful!


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