Tuesday, February 2, 2010


In between the madness blessing of taking care of three kids, one uber sweet spouse, a dog, the vulture cat and a turtle, paying bills, grocery shopping, co-op, homework, playing taxi, putting a frozen pizza dinner in the oven, "to do" list making and finishing "Gladiator" with the older boys--

I went and visited mon cherie amie at the hospital
dealer/repair shop.
The nurse was just leaving and the doctor would be in to make rounds soon.  They didn't seem too concerned that it was anything big.

That was yesterday.
I am not a patient person by nature.
Hoping for a phone call today.
Praying it's not anything that I have to pay for since the machine is less than a year old.

It is 8:00 in the am now.
Bathroom swept and mopped.
Cat litter box is soaking.
Laundry is going as well as the dishes. 
Snuggly blankets are straightened.
Two kids are off at school.
One slug is eating breakfast and soon on his way to the shower.
Sometime today:
more laundry
even more laundry
more grocery shopping since I try to only make two big trips a month
running to find a belt for C-man who will be paging at the state capitol next week
paying more bills
lunch with hubby sweets
cleaning bathrooms
picking up the house
catching up the checkbook after all the bill paying
somewhere in here I MUST shower thinking this should be done before lunch with hubby or he won't ask me again
supervise science class project (which is where those wires and battery last week come into play)
work on scholarship application for Javi
snuggle with Bean (this is how I get recharged! he is a lover!)
basketball game in another town tonight

I need a clone.


  1. Oh how I wish we lived closer to one another! how great would that be?!! you are one busy woman Dee!
    hoping your baby gets fixed soon, go take a long hot shower and thanks for the reminder to go change kitty's box (or she might attack me during the night if I don't! LOL)

  2. I am with you in thought Sister. The honey wagon people are coming to my house today to fix a leaky pipe under the house. Yuck. No baths, laundry, or such. Not sure which is worse. Doing house work, or not being able to do housework!!!!!!

  3. You are Super Mom! You have done more in one day than I think I've done in 2-3 months! Kudos to you!

  4. busy lady they have got you on your toes.

  5. Sounds alot like my days, I hear you sister!

  6. I can so relate!!! I hope you were able to get your shower before your lunch date...really want you to get asked out again ;-) So sad you are still without your machine. Hope it's nothing serious.


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