Friday, January 22, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finish and a Giftaway!

 Sew, this is my first Friday Finish Sew & Tell in a while.  I think since before Christmas.  I can't imagine why I haven't been getting anything done lately, can you?
I am so amazed at the women who share their finishes!  Most of them have families, jobs and other situations going on their lives that require so much time...and yet, here they are with spectacularly beautiful and inspiring projects they've finished up for Amy's "oh so creative" idea of a virtual Sew & Tell every week.

You can see too, too many incredibly talented and gracious ladies when you visit Amy's blog!

My Friday Finish got used last night by my alter ego, Isobel (who also caught a cold!).
Isobel slept on the downstairs couch to keep her poor, stuffy, lil' head elevated.
She slept like a princess!

Ok.  Maybe not sleep since she was sneezing and wheezing and taking small sips of water for her poor, parched and sore throat!

The Sunny Dresden Plate Pillow. 
Jen from Little Scraps of Happiness asked me if I free handed the sewing around the petals.  While the evil side of me would love to say "Why yes.  I did.  It was sew easy."...No, sweetheart.  I did not.  LOL
This is stitch #55 on my Janome Quilter's Companion!  In yellow to boot!

Stop over at Jen's blog.  She is the sweetest friend and blogger!  And check out her Modify Tradition blocks that blew my socks off when I saw them!  I'm still not sure which one is my favorite!  They're wonderful!

On the machine in the picture above, I'm performing reconstructive surgery on the other Dresden Plate.  Hee hee.  I have this butt ugly pillow that I wedge between my pillows, the mattress and the headboard of our bed to keep all of my other pillows from falling into the oblivion between my bed and the wall.
It's ugly.  Have I mentioned that?
Too ugly to traumatize you with a picture.
You're welcome.
Sew, brilliant Isobel (brilliance likes this gal and follows her around like a puppy. runs from.  I like Isobel because she has such great ideas!) came up with the notion of splitting the other Dresden Plate in half and sewing it onto more of the much loved, waffle weave, left-over pillow sham fabric and covering the yucky, nasty, scare you so bad you can't sleep pillow with happiness and sunshine.
That just might be next week's Friday Finish!  I hope.
I wish I could describe how soft the repurposed pillow sham is.  Like sleeping on a cloud!

In other news,
Terri of sew-fantastic was having a blast over on her blog to celebrate her one year blog-iversary!  She graciously and incredibly gave away twelve of her favorite bloggy things.  Way cool prizes, and I was secretly hoping for the chicken...
but, while perusing the posts on the giftaways and their winners,
up pops my name!
On giftaway #5!

"I always wanted one of these. The lighting is wonderful, practically crystal clear to me. I keep this great light right above my sewing machine for a nice clear view of my stitching. Most of the time these lights are way out of the price range I wanted to spend on one. Until I found a sale of course. I bought 2 of them so I am passing on the love of a good light to one lucky reader.
Of course after my purchase, I do realize that the cost is justified. This truly is a great light, especially for sewing. This was a purchase at Joann's fabrics. I am sure there are many other places to get this very cool item. This is by far my favorite item on my desk, after my sewing machine of course.

The Lucky reader who wins this light is....DEE."

I think the Lord knew I needed more "light" in my life...sunshine, kind words from friends, prayers, my pillow, and now this! 
I'm wondering if He's expecting me to finish more projects now?

Sew, ladies, go visit Terri's blog and see what an amazing lady she is!  She made my heart so happy yesterday by being willing to gift to others things that brought her happiness and joy.
I'm challenged now to look for new ways to share and give back to others all the support, encouragement, love, joy and happiness that being a blogger has brought me!

Happy, happy weekend to us all!
Leslie from Fluff & Nonsense won the chicken!
How fun is that!  Her kids will love it!
Congrats Leslie!  Hopefully, he won't eat much!


  1. your dresden plate pillow is so pretty. thanks for sharing and putting a smile on my face today with your post. :)

  2. your posts are always filled with fun!!! can you believe out of all those followers we both won something? your life is definitely going to be well lit!!! that little chicken is way cute, right!? he will have a happy home on the kitchen window sill with all the other sweet little creatures i have there.

    thought the word vert was funny...."raisingug"

  3. Dee, I like that yellow and white quilt that is showing up in the first picture - have we seen that before?

  4. Oh, I have been thinking about one of those lights... maybe today is the day if they are not on sale at Joanns (cuase then I can use the 50% off coupon)

  5. Thanks for the plug, Dee! And your sewing is beautiful and what a neat way to do it! I really love that pillow, so pretty. I wish I had that stitch on my machine! It's gorgeous!

    See...I knew there was a reason for asking about the quilting....I want a new machine and I have no idea what to get! I have a cheap, basic, very old Janome so naturally I'm leaning towards another Janome b/c I'm comfortable with that brand. But even w/ Janome, I have no idea which one to get! Which model do you have exactly? I went to their site and there are so many! Do you like yours? Finding a new machine is just so daunting to me, but I have this very scared feeling that I'm going to need a new one soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Wow, I'd be happy to sleep on the couch with such a snuggly and pretty quilt and pillow!

    Congrats on winning the light. They really are wonderful. You don't realize what you were missing until you try one. :)

  7. I want to make fabulously beautiful pillows like yours but my hubbie dislikes the things with a passion :(

  8. Love your Dresden pillow!! So sunshiny happy! Thanks for the link to Jen's blog, love what she's doing with her blocks.

  9. Your cushion is gorgeous and soo pretty. Congratulations on winning the light.

  10. Your Dresden Plate pillow is gorgous. Love all the pretty fabrics. That pattern has been on y to-do list forever. congrats on your win.

  11. Great pillow and gorgeous quilt, no wonder she slept like a princess. Thanks for making me smile today!

    Oh, congrats on the win.

  12. That is a very pretty pillow...

    And, a big congrats on winning a prize!!!!

  13. I love your Dresden pillow. Very sunny and cheery...especially next to the bright yellow quilt I've seen before in your pictures. Lovely. Good to hear from Isobel again. Sorry to hear you both are sick. Congrats on winning the light. I just got a similar one with my 50% off JoAnn's coupon. Makes a big difference. Have a great weekend and feel better.

  14. The Dresden pillow is sooo pretty.

  15. I love the cushion - so pretty!

  16. LOL Loved your post! And I really, really love your dresden plate. Just gorgeous! ;o)

  17. Hey there woman! yay on your winning! if anyone deserves to win, it's YOU!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pillows! you are inspiring me to sew something yellow, or go shopping for some yellow fabric!


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