Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My World

There are days I feel I'm barely treading water.
I'm outgunned, outmanned, and outnumbered!

This was how I spent my day yesterday.
Crap at the bottom of the bathroom trashcan that shouldn't be there.
Like: gum and mystery bugs and what I'm hoping are twigs.  I'm thinking of sending this inviting picture to the Marines and asking if they want their boys to do a stint of training in unhospitable areas here. 
Wait, those aren't twigs, I'll let the Marines find someplace a little less smelly, moldy and disgusting.
Trust me on this one, you're very glad I didn't take a picture of the toilet and surrounding area!

This is hubby soon-to-be-not-seen-a-lot's mail filing system.

This is me.  Lying down on the floor in my room under our fig tree.  Trying to pretend it's really warmish and summery outside.
It didn't work.
And now...well, there's about a brazillion inches of snow headed our way.
but it would be cool if school for two of the boys would be cancelled!  yippee!

Books I'm reading on the table next to my side of the bed.
I'd like one of every gemstone, pretty please!  Not trying to be greedy, just think they're all so cool! and wishing I could pull off the kohled eyes like Nefertiti could!

"Hippy Bear" hangs out in my bathroom wearing some of my trinkets. 

What's on the cutting board?
Not much is getting done.
The leash is a clue.
She'd been trained by oldest to not need her leash when going outside and getting a treat for staying in the yard.
Good girl.
But guess who wants to go out all the time now!

No treats from me.  It's too frigid cold to stand out there and wait for her to travel all over the yard, sniff every bunny and squirrel track and heaven help us both if she decides it's not worth the treat to stay in the yard...and takes off!

HELP!  Send girls now!  Adult ones, preferably.  Who like to sew and don't mind occasionally pitching in to help around this testosterone ridden home!  I sometimes think polygamy wouldn't be such a bad idea if I got to be chief wife.  Wifey #2 could do all the work and well...I could sew!  All the time!  Whenever I wanted to.  LOL 
out of pity and compassion, I might let her have the day off because I know what it feels like not to ever get one!

You're shaking your head 'cause you know it ain't gonna happen either, aren't you?


  1. i am on my way with my sewing machine in tow. i will even bring some comet and a scrubber!

    gosh, that would be fun! the sewing part anyway....

    my kitchen trash can is gross too, but my boys take out the trash and just keep covering the gunk with a new bag. works for me! :)

  2. you kill me....i feel so bad for you and all the mystery things all your boys are leaving around for you. That filing system is too much!!!! Sewing all day while someone else did all the work would be so cool. love what is on your cutting mat. I am sad to admit that my sewing stuff has not even made it out yet in the new year. There are so many things i want to do but i have no is taking most of it right now.

  3. You crack me up Dee! I grew up with only brothers, my DH only has brothers and my DD and I are in the minority in our household. I understand completely! I'd come over in a sec if I could get past all the snow in my corner of the world in Canada, I'd love to come over and sew (play) with you! One day, eh?

  4. See....I knew there was a reason I only wanted girls! I was lucky because that's what I got! I know...I would have been perfectly content with boys too....but I'm glad I don't have to clean bathrooms after them! ;) My poor mother-in-law! She had 3 boys and raised them all alone (hubby's dad was in law enforcement and was killed in the line of duty when he was 7)So I feel for those moms with all boys! I remember a friend who also has 3 boys and the stories she would tell me about the bathroom cleanings! YUCK! Guess I'm lucky because my husband ALWAYS puts the seat down and I'm assuming was trained at a very young age to always wipe the bowl up after using it!

    Hope you find some "girl time", even if it is even alone,to sew. (sometimes the alone time is a plus!) Happy sewing to you! Have a great day!

  5. haaa Dee! too funny! especially your polgamy part! LOL Here's hoping you can find some YOU time. HUGS!

  6. OK, Dee, I was laughing so much over your post that my daughter came over to check on me. I love your husband's filing system. Our system looks similar...I go through the my husband's on the kitchen table where he sits so he can see it when he comes home from sits there for about a week or so...I will finally ask him what needs to be done with each piece....he'll finally look at it and say most of it gets thrown away...some of it will get "filed" in a special drawer I keep just for that purpose. Love the chief wife comment as well. We all need "wives" to help us from time to time. Isn't it funny how we look forward to school being canceled as much as our kids?! I know the all boy thing too. I was the only female until my daughter came along when I was really OLD after having two boys. It is wonderful having a daughter. But YOU still get to be queen bee in your house! I've been replaced! Hope you find time soon to get some girly sewing in. Have a lovely day!

  7. P.S. Not sure if you're getting my emails. When I reply to comments you've left on my blog, I keep getting a message saying there is a problem with delivery of the email. I'm sorry if you haven't been receiving them. Let me know. Thanks.

  8. Oh, have such a way with everyday life..........who in the world but you would have thought to take that photo of the trash can ?

    Fasten your sights on those future grandkids, girl ! It'll help you remember the things happening now, so that you can teach THEM how to get on their daddy's last nerve.

    In the meantime, (and boy, can it get MEAN), I'll try to do a little 'surrogate quilting' for you sometime this week.........'kay?

  9. LOL! You are too funny. I have three under five years and it is amazing that I get any sewing done with all the work that needs to be done around here. I love *their* nap time in my corner of the world.


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