Tuesday, January 12, 2010

National De-Lurking Days! Come Out and Say!

Apparently, January 10-12 are National De-Lurking Days!

Lurking is to exist "unobserved and unexpected".
Lurking is the very common practice of reading an online or e-mail discussion without taking part in the discussion. Most visitors to discussions on Web sites, Usenet groups, e-mail discussion groups, Internet Relay Chat channels, or bulletin board systems understandably spend much more time reading or "listening" than writing or "speaking."

Sew, today...if you are lurking, de-lurk and let me know you're here!  Who you are, where you're from, do you have a blog I can come lurk at and what you like/don't like about my blog.  (well, maybe I really don't want to know what you don't like...that's a little scary...like a commitment issue...if reading about what you don't like bothers me, am I obligated to change?  hmmmmmmm)

On the redecorating front:

When I found this house, I knew it needed some TLC.  It is a work in progress.
This is before I started.  The house was done in '80's wallpaper and colors.

I'm proud of myself.  I did get all of this little section cleared off and thought "Thank You God that they actually sized this wall before they papered it!" (other walls, they didn't and that was a nightmare getting icky wallpaper off!)
Easy Peasy!

Gasp and gag!  Another layer, and it's...1970's second grade, patriotic, bicentennial celebration decor from hell!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I just know you're all screaming with me!
When we moved in, the downstairs bathroom had similar themed wallpaper in it...only gold.  And vertical stripes.  It's not a big room, but you know what they say about stripes and small rooms...eeks!
Anyway, whoever put the wallpaper up in there, put it in slanted.  To the right, or to the left, I was never sure...but sitting on the...well, you know...doing your...ahem...business...staring straight ahead of you, you actually got ill!  LOL

And found yourself leaning to the side to try and make the slanted wallpaper straight.  And sometimes, if you were in there long enough, you were on the verge of falling off the...onto the floor.  If you don't believe me, just ask KT, she'll tell you how dangerous it was to go in there!  The necessary accessary hung on a holder across the way on the wall...reaching for it only made the vertigo worse and you wanted to toss your cookies.

Chips anyone?


  1. wow that bathroom sounds just horrible. why can't house projects be more simple? i love the paint colors. we have a great love for yellows and blues(and greens) around our house.

  2. I really enjoy your posts. They are funny!

    I know what you mean about wallpaper being a *&^%$ to remove. I did that in my house. Big teapot-covered wallpaper in the kitchen. Blech.

    Feel free to come see my blogs. I'm crazy and have two. One is a personal blog - http://kylydia.wordpress.com and one is a craft blog - http://lpquilts.wordpress.com

  3. I could never just lurk here. I prefer to walk beside you....with my elbow in your ribs!!! Yes, she is actually down playing the roll of the former wallpaper. The Navajo chevrons in the stairwell, well. I had to hold onto the wall walking down!!! Love the paint colors, but then you knew I would!!


  4. I don't want to think about wallpaper! I've removed every bit of it from this house and the adhesive is still haunting me. Ugh! The most effective removal tool was my fabric steamer.

    I enjoy your blog...you're funny and down to earth! I visit almost every day.


  5. Dee, I have a hard time imagining someone "lurking" around your blog without commenting ;-) Your bathroom description really cracked me up. Do you sometimes wonder what "they" were thinking when you see the "necessary accessory" in hard to reach places?! Maybe "they" have a sick sense of humor! Love the paint colors you have chosen. They look bright and cheery while calm and soothing at the same time.

  6. I sympathize with your wallpaper horror story. The people who lived in my house (before us) covered all the plaster walls with grasscloth wallpaper and then painted over it! *shudder*

    Looking forward to seeing which yellow you pick,
    it's such a happy colour :^)

  7. oh you poor thing with that wall paper! I wish I lived close so I could help you!
    I can't wait to see your pictures when you are done.
    I never just lurk at your blog! :)
    have a wonderful blessed day!

  8. The good news is.......you have NO lurkers !

    The bad news is........WE'RE all you've got !

    Seriously, though.....who could LURK here? You MAKE a person talk back !

    Love ya !


  9. I'm not lurking, but I'm past the de-lurking days. I'm so slow keeping up with blogs lately, and I'm going out of town this weekend....


Love hearing from bloggers wherever you are!