Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why Brilliant and I don't work well together!

First reason why is actually the last thing I noticed...because I noticed after I'd posted this that I'd forgotten a title.  Duh!

While reading through my blog list (something I like to do, is time consuming, but is so worth it!), I got to see what Corinnea made, a cute, cute, cute bag from a pattern at Sew Mama Sew.

You have to go see it.  And then make one!
That's an order!
(when I can start new projects, and have time...I'm going to!)

What is sew funny is how much fabric influences people and how it talks to people about what it wants to be.
Corinnea was told to use this particular fabric to make her bag.
The fabric told me it wanted to be the fabric from my stash to help make Jessica's "Cactus Star" block for our "Incredible Shrinking Quilters" bee.

The fabric we both used is the robin's egg blue with the floral pattern.  Jessica sent me the teal/blue, browns, cremes and funky, diamond patterned fabrics.

Where is Corinnea?  Germany.
Where am I? (no, the nuthouse is not an acceptable answer, nor is the zoo!)
About as far away as you can get.

here we are, drawn to the same fabric.  If you're not feelin' the love on this...
I just think it's cool.  The connectedness within the world we live in.
Weird, philosophicalness over.
Corinnea, way cool bag and totally awesome choice of fabric!

Here is the block on point (which she may do this for her quilt)

The men of the house are rather diggin' the way it turned out.  Blue and brown fanatics that they are.

Here is the test block
(which is absolutely necessary when given a limited amount of someone else's fabric you do not want to fudge up!)

from my stash.  Very girly, very soft.  Quite different from the boldness of the blues and cremes/browns.
On point

with my plan being to make test blocks in complimentary colors for each block I'm doing for someone else.
That way, I end up with two quilt tops: the one others will help me make when it's my turn in August, and the one of all the blocks I've made for the other gals as testers.
(maybe should be said quietly, since "brilliant" and I rarely see eye to eye on anything and usually don't work well together! lol)

Another frigid day here.
But we are working our way through finding the Slope-Intercept Formula with different givens!
(brilliant and I definitely are sittin' on opposite sides of the equation here!)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Dee I love the way you put things. You made me laugh this morning and that is just what I needed. Went to Corinnea's blog too and the little bag is too cute. Love the fabric you both used!

  2. love that block! Really cool!

  3. Love the idea of making semi-duplicate blocks!

    You lost me at Slope-Intercept Formula. Luckily it was at the end of your post.

  4. Dee, you don't give yourself enough credit! Great idea to do a test block. Both of the blocks look great. Terrific fabric. You go girl with your brainy slope interecepting formula thingy!

  5. this is such a complicated block...you are very good. it looks great

  6. that is one cool block Dee! I've recently been drawn to paper piecing, I love how precise it is. Maybe I'm drawn to it because I seem to have no control or perfection anywhere else in my life except when I paper piece! :)

  7. I love that block!not sure if I could ever do it, but it's pretty!
    Thanks for the link to Corrinas blog, I saw that tutorial for that purse and have added it to my list of to do's.... oh and now I have to go get me some of that fabric that each of you used ;)

  8. I didn't know you were in Indiana! Yay Hoosiers!


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