Friday, January 8, 2010

Me, Myself and I

have occasional talks together.
Wednesday, Self and I ambushed me in the hallway.
Self said, "It's so dark and dreary in here."
I added, "And you know you just hate spending time in the family room because of how horrible it looks!"

They're right.

Here are some hallways and ideas I just love!

Are you getting a feel here?  A theme?  Happy.  Cheerful.  Open.  Airy.
So, this morning, Me, Myself and I are taking Middlest to Lowe's for paint tape and swatches.

In the meantime, while he's doing algebra and the laundry is sitting in the washer and dryer (I do not hear them calling my name 'cause I've changed my name very romantic and take that household drudgery!  Isobel does not do housework!  She is a spirit of air and light and all things pretty!)
...where was I before I had this little mental breakdown?
Oh.  Yes.
Here are some pictures of what I want to do with the funiture

and more ideas can be found here.

And, darn the torpedoes...full speed ahead!
I'm going to make a wall hanging to inspire me.
(for those of you who remember my quasi resolution not to start a new project, that was Dee talking, not Isobel and she hasn't made any such stupid resolutions and is free to create at will!)

Predominantly in yellows with other colors thrown in at will!

Ta Da!


  1. Nice to meet you Isobel! Are you going to help with the painting int he hallway??? I love your taste in furniture and the lovely wallhanging too. Could you please let us know where Dee went and if she'll be back soon? ever?

  2. Haha, ok whatever you say Isobel.

    Do you plan to make new quilts for the chair coverings? Because, well, cutting into an existing quilt. Just ouch.

  3. I'm glad to see Isobel is going to start new projects. I love all the pictures and the furniture. Makes me want to create a re-due in my home. Thanks you for the inspiration.

  4. if i had a chair so beautiful i am afraid i would never allow anyone besides isobel and her other light and airy friends to sit upon it!!! those are amazing. way to go you for being inspired and motivated! i have some house projects that need doing. i sure hope you are going to give us some before and afters!

  5. I just love you Dee! (and your other personalities! LOL) you make my day! I love your ideas on doing your home, I have plans too for mine, of course since I just got that very expensive sewing machine for my Christmas present, it's probably not going to happen soon, but I am dreaming!

  6. You and Isobel have great decorating taste. So bright and cheery. I really like that wall hanging you have your eye on making. P.S. Congrats on your 110 post.

  7. oooohhh, we are SO on the same page Isobel (ok, and you too Dee!) I love those inspirational photos!

  8. Lovely to meet you Isobel, and great inspirational wallhanging (you had better hide it from Dee I think!!). xo

  9. What great ideas you have, Isobel! By the way, girls aren't any easier.

  10. Dee i want you to know that i think you rock and that i love your blog. Your words and your crafts are inspirational. Because of this i am nominating you for a Lemonade Stand award over on my blog.

  11. I LOVE the quilted, upholstered chairs. Too late for me, I just reupholstered the dining room chairs. Maybe next time! Good luck with spreading beauty and light throughout your home, Isobel. I think I'll just wait for Spring to do the job for me :)


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