Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's Do the Timewarp Again!

I'm tellin' all y'all...Tuesday I was movin' so slow...
How slow were you movin'?
I was movin' so slow,
the zoo called and said someone had reported their missing sloth was wearing my pajamas!
I was movin' so slow,
Middlest stuck a mirror in front of my mouth just to see if I was still breathing.
I was movin' so slow,
the neighbors called 911 because of all the vultures circling our house!

Huge, huge, ginormous thank you to all of you for your encouragement about my friend.
Hubby snookums and I had a long talk about things, and I'm feeling more better. (can I write that and get away with it?  sure!)
I do ask prayer for D, she is having the maximum amount of chemo drugs for the maximum amount of time.
She's lost her hair.
She'll have a double masectomy and a hysterectomy.
But she will survive!
Pink ribbon to add to my teal one.

Because I am such a wuss, I'm bringing this morning's gorgeous sunrise to you...from inside our front windows!  It is only 29 degrees people! 
Good morning!
This is leftover energy from yesterday.
Do you ever have those days when nuthing...nuuuuuuhhhhhthing...gets done?
Where you drag your carcass cross the Serengeti just to irritate and disappoint the vultures and hyenas?
That was Tuesday.
Good Golly Gracious!
Unless someone slipped something in my Raisin Bran...I was on fire.
Fire I tell ya!

Or...maybe it was working with such happy, soft, delicate, girly, spring colors and fabrics!

This is the finished plate.
Which I love.
Which is totally too big to fit the Moda pattern!
Scratching your head.
Just standing there contemplating.
Cocking your head to one side and just staring...
only gets people worried about you!
It does not shrink the plate, stretch the 10 3/4" piece of fabric the plate will be appliqued to or get you a comlink to the desinger to ask her questions that have immediate answers.

Sew...I got off my cheap, conniving, scheming, weasely butt and ordered the 18 Degree Stack n' Whack Fan Ruler.  I had tried to finnagle the angle (gosh, say that five times fast!) and make my own template...which is where the pattern went wrong...but the love is still there!

And of course, what do you do when you've screwed something up once, and are too impatient to wait for shipping to kick in and the proper tool to arrive?
You make...

he he he...another one!  LOL
shaking my head because no, I never learn, but I was bored and wanted to keep playing with the pretties!

These will be pillows. 
When the Stack n' Whack (I love saying that...stack n' whack, stack n' whack!) 18 Degree Fan Ruler a-rrives...well, just sit back, buckle up, and keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times!

As if this wasn't enough for you to read, last night, I got bored.  And restless.  Kids were entertaining themselves and not attempting to tie each other in a brazilliion different

I started playing with scraps in my buckets, boxes and bins.

One of my favorite little "pieced togethers".

"Babies" that KT had gifted me...teeny, tiny triangles in feed sack.

Creative piecing on the diagonal.

All day tomorrow and Saturday
basketball tournaments.


  1. i know the slow feeling...i have had a few of those days. but man when you are productive you are productive. those plates are gorgeous, and i love love love the improv you did. it is so fun and freeing isn't it? what will you do with it?

  2. I love where the babies ended up!!!!! I have more scraps for you, and some orange to share!!!
    Sew glad that you are feeling better!


  3. P.S.

    You may need to hide those plates, I like them big. 12 in, firnished blocks are perfect in my book!!!

  4. I love the Tutti Frutti in the patchwork, too cute.

  5. Dee, you more than made up for your "slow" day! Wow! I love the free pieced improv quilt you made!! Totally awesome!! I really like your plates too. I didn't really understand what was wrong with the first one you did or how the whack n stack was going to help, but love that you made another one. They both look incredibly difficult and fabulous!

  6. Wow, Dee! What a wonderful plate and little creative piecing wonder! It's so fun just to PLAY!


  7. And I thought Jeff Dunham was funny! Your blocks are great. . .Love them both. Give a cheer for the boys this weekend for me. . .I'll be with daughter #3 doing the same. . .basketball. Hey, thanks for the encouragement the other day, I needed it. Have a good one!

  8. okay, I am dying laughing here at your post, I love your words, sloth, carcas, cheap butt LOL hee hee! you are too funny! I also think you just described myself since Friday, I had such huge plans before starting school tomorrow (yikes!) and not very much of it has happened.

    your fabric is gorgeous and I LOVE your dresden plate! I have been wanting to make one too and keep thinking I can make my own pattern, maybe not though now that I read what you wrote, maybe I should avoid the headache give in and buy myself a Stack n' whack?!!


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