Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fire! Big News x's Two!

First of all, no I'm not expecting twins.
Thank you, Lord!
Secondly, I'm not even expecting.
Or hoping to.
Or wanting to.
Wait for it...

This morning between 8:00 and 9:00, our doorbell rang urgently.
I was still bedheaded and pajamed.
Our next door neighbor needed to use the phone because she smelled smoke!
Up came the firetrucks and her policeman hubby...
they've lost their upstairs bathroom and there's massive smoke damage to the upstairs as well.
The investigator just left...
Minutes later now.
Some towels caught fire next to a light fixture.
She had been on her way to babysit her granddaughter, but came home from dropping her kids off at school to start some laundry.
If she hadn't come home, they would have probably lost the entire floor.
God is good.

Okay, now the exciting news!

Javi-man got into the college he wanted!  With a Presidential Scholarship to boot!  Plus, he made Honors College!
I'm so proud of him!
4 years of hard work and studying!
He wants to do something with computers and we're looking into all kinds of other scholarships for him.
Way to go Javi!
I opened a letter from a smaller, private Christian college all ready to decline, and saw a $24,000 scholarship had been awarded to him from this college.  So now, we need to really think through our plans and pray for direction.  What opportunities he's been blessed with!

C-man (from 2008's trip to Destin) is playing JV basketball this year.
We went to an all day tournament Friday for JV teams (mostly homeschool and Christian teams from around the state) and look what the man helped deliver

Third place!  Woo Hoo!
First time a team in our area has advanced so far!
C-man, as some of you know, plays keeper for our homeschool soccer team as well.
Guess what he does best on defense?
He gets in there and steals, steals, steals!
He took a lot of charges in that day's tournament and the next day's Junior High Division.  He's co-captain of their team and I couldn't be more proud!
Here are my other boys

Marquis, Dae-Dae, Petey, Ty, Randy, Chianti, Leo, Cameron, Aric, Cassidy and Luke.
I'm so proud of all of them!

Sew, not much sewing, but lots of fun and excitement around!
Never a dull moment!


  1. Wow - that's exciting! Major congratulations to your sons for their academic and athletic successes! You must be very proud of them!

  2. So sorry for your neighbor, but as you say, it could have been so much worse! And so many congratulations to your sons! Really cool!

  3. Congratulations on all your great news!!!! How exciting for your boys!!! Glad your neighbor is OK.

  4. WOW DEE! What a proud mama you must be! A big congratulations to your sons, that is quite amazing!
    You have done good mama! be proud!
    so glad your neighbors are okay, thank God for that!

  5. Wow, that's great! Congrats to your son and lots of prayer for direction.

  6. God is amazing!! so good that she came home. and congrats to your son...a college he wanted and a scholarship to boot is amazing.

  7. Congratulations and a few prayers to the sky for all of your news!


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