Monday, January 4, 2010

Lovebirds and Butterflies

Free Spirit has this incredibly cute fabric called "Lovebirds and Butterflies".
Did you all know I have this thing for birds?  LOL

Friday we went and did manly man things. 
Saturday I bribed told the guys if they took me to one of my favorite quilt stores, they could go to the Barnes and Nobles and look at books to their hearts' content.
While they were distracted enjoying themselves, I bought this cute little bit of fabric.

remembering the days I wish I had one of these to keep my three little birdies in

It has all the happy colors I love in it and two sweet little lovebirds patiently waiting for you all to turn your backs so they can smooch!

Over the holidays, KT surprised me with some Christmas goodies.

One of them was a charm pack of "Birdie" by Moda.  I'm feeling a pinwheel quilt for moi coming on...but, only after I finish up another project!  Fart!  LOL

All the men went back to doing what they do best: school and work.
It was awesome to have so much time to spend with them!  We packed a lot into the two week break!
Bell ringing with KT and her family for the Salvation Army
Eating out (we were very loud!) with friends and family
Playing board games
Listening to new music in the car while we travelled
Sleeping in
Just hanging out with some of my most favorite people in the world!

Some of the things I would like to accomplish this year:
scrapbook for Javi's graduation
Pay It Forward items
keep a list of books I read
finish all my current WIP's
redecorate the family room
(this should take about the whole year if you know my family at all!)

Just a short list, but a list is a good thing to have.
What are some of the things you'd like to accomplish?


  1. well..i am thinking that i want to make some improvements in our homeschool...challenge myself a little with quilting, only a some more things for me. love the fabric you found...i can not wait to see what you make

  2. And i love your little items. This year I wish to accomplish not having all that much to accomplish. I tend to get a little overwhelmed. But, I would love to see your PIFs. I have one more I need to complete for myself. I had created a flickr group to encourage more people to do pay it forwards and would love to have your items added.
    Please check it out when you get a moment,

  3. My comment got lost out there somewhere........that worries me, cuz it's COLD out there !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I said that I really really want to come over and play in your new fabrics ! What a fun afternoon we'd have !

    And, for this year, I want to see the hubby smile more, I want to truly help someone the way I was helped by some dear people in 2009, and I want to play with my grandchildren before they get too big to want to spend time around the 'old farts'.......hey, you said fart first !

  4. Great fabric you chose!!! Cute love birds. What a generous friend KT is. Love that fabric she gave you for Christmas! Looks like it will go great with your new love bird fabric purchase! Good for you for making a list of goals for 2010. I am a major list maker, but am hesitant to make my 2010 list of goals/resolutions. There are so many and I don't want to jinx it by writing them down. Doesn't make sense..I know. I am keeping it simple and general by saying I would like to do more for others, Simplify, and on the quilting side experiment with printing photos on fabric to use in quilts. Happy New Year!

  5. Cute fabrics!

    I want to learn to use my camera better. Also, photoshop. All I need to do is to harness my time and use it better--this is also a goal. ;)

  6. I just started eyeballing that same fabric Dee! it's just sooo cute!

    I always enjoy reading your posts, they really make me think....I want to continue my exercising and run more, I want to do more for others, get seriously organized and just sew and scrapbook A LOT!


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