Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunshine, Squirrels and Sheets

Can I just say I love sunshine?
I mean, really.
After about a year of snow, ice, clouds and gray,
sunshine is the best!

Suzanna's finished block to be mailed today.
Can't wait to see what April's block will be.

Yesterday afternoon, C-man and I were at the table doing Algebra I when I caught a shadow out of the corner of my eye.  This big fella
These awesome pictures are taken by C-man.
decided to come down and just hang out for a while.
Or so we thought.  Until a squirrel came over and played Chicago thug.
The squirrel was very quiet and just sort of sat there about 3 feet in front of the hawk.  Silently staring him down.  Daring him to make a move.
Well, the hawk got tired of the ground and decided to move onto a higher perch which we noticed was alarmingly close to a squirrel's nest in the tree.  Things are starting to make more sense now.  We understand why the squirrel is so brave.  So brave, he climbed the tree and is behind the large branch on the right.  You just can't see him.  At one point, the protective parent was only 12 inches from the hawk.  It was really weird because usually our squirrels get all uppity and loud when they're upset.  Not today.  Quiet as death.  And I think that's what the hawk had in mind for the baby squirrels we know are in the nest.

After about 5 minutes, the hawk flew off and the squirrel went home.  But later in the day, C-man was out playing basketball and the same hawk swooped in low over the driveway.  We love having such incredible and beautiful visitors in our yard, but we also hate the side of Nature where one animal is prey and the other is hunter.

A thrift store threw up on my table!
This is my collection of vintage sheets, pillowcases, valances and fabric.  With some new fabric that looks like it matches in there for good measure.
I linked you to the Vintage Sheet Marketplace yesterday.
I'm sending out a half sheet of
this to Penny in exchange for 4-1/4yd cuts of fabric she has to swap.
And there's another swap in the making.
I'm so excited.
Here's a pillow from Twinfibers
and from Oh Fransson
I've started ripping out old seams and pressing my stash for folding.
I'm in vintage heaven.


  1. Can I just come and sleep on your dining room table?!! Love all the vintage goodies! I REALLY keep meaning to stop at some of our local shops, I just haven't had the time.

    We have lots of sunshine here, we are supposed to be about 85 degrees today, everything is in bloom and soooo pretty!
    Hugs Dee!

  2. Better a thriftstore to throw up on your table than a cat! (Which is what I had to clean up off the carpeting this morning).

    You are having so much fun with your vintage fabrics!

  3. I feel the same way you do. I can't tell you how many rabbits and squirrels I've saved from hawks in my back yard. My husband says it's supposed to be that way and that I shouldn't upset the balance of nature. I don't care about the balance of nature!

  4. Lovely block and vintage goodness.

    I'm with you on the nature thing. I love it but the reality is sometimes disconcerting. Like the day I realized the beautiful hawk I'd watched for days ate the sweet wild bunny that had found a home near where I worked. Talk about conflicted!

  5. these vintage linens are have quite a stash. those hawk pictures are stunning. we had one in the yard once but it was poor avery watched the whole attack and has never liked them much since. thank you for the vintage redo links the other day. i spent lots of time looking and being inspired.

  6. You've been busy! The kids go back to school tomorrow~So I'll be back to play catch up on your posts! We have hawks (red tail) they're very intense. One dive bombed my cat sitting in the window ledge in the sun room~could you imagine what would have happened if the glass had broke on impact. . .eek!


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