Friday, March 12, 2010

Is Spring Sprung?

These are not my daffodils (our ground is still a marshland waiting for federal protection and a commercial by Morgan Freeman!), but I do have some peeking through my front flower bed.

Three days of above 50 degree weather.  Three days of consecutive sunshine (sometimes only peeking through, but it's there!).
People riding their motorcycles.
Kids wearing flip flops and short sleeve shirts.
Could it be?


Thank you for all your kind words about my mom's and Ansje's quilts.  It was fun to go last night and get out of my cave home and drive to another town and fellowship with other ladies who are crafty.
We had quite a diverse group of ladies and it was neat to see what they were all working on.
I have pictures, but the camera is in the car, which is in the garage, which is across the kitchen and the den, and I don't have socks on and...well, you get the picture.  I'm too dang lazy!

Some of the ladies were crocheting and knitting and there were some who were just learning.  They were getting tips and hands on help from those who've been doing it all their lives.  I love this.  The passing on of a skill from one generation (or lady) to the next.
My sister was cross stitching and another lady was scrapbooking on line.

I took a laundry basket full of stuff, my cutting mat, cutters, scissors, big box of scraps, sewing machine, and my stuff to press whatever needed pressing.

I did get the binding for Ansje's mini made, but realized I had forgotten my pins.  Doht!  I had also found some squares to my string quilt while traversing cleaning the sunroom yesterday
and bought more tracing paper to work on it.  But forgot the strips of white flannel I'm using for the stripe and was only able to make two new blocks with what I had.
Another smack on the forehead!

This is why I'm not let out of the house often.  LOL
I would forget my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders.
Sometimes I wonder how I've parented this long!

Before I leave, I wanted to share some of my favorite pillows from the Pillow Talk 2 swap:

Sew, if you get a chance, head on over to the group's site and look at some of the beautiful and inspiring pillows that were made and sent!

Thanks for sharing your defy Groundhog Day stories.  I appreciate the moms who stayed home with sick kids, those who tried yoga, and watched classic movies!  Mine was the craft night out.  It's weird to share your stuff with others and have them ask questions.  I'm not used to that in person.  Usually it's just C-man and I sharing the day until the others get home.
I loved seeing what these women were doing and listening to their stories!
That was, for me, the most fun.  I love hearing about people's lives and experiences.  It's like a room full of mini novels and books just waiting to be written.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Spring HAS sprung in beautiful flowers and your pretty string quilt. The pillows that come out of the Flickr swap are so impressive :)

  2. oh spring....i think it just may be here. i just want you to know that i really enjoy your blog, your perspective, your positive attitude. you always bring a smile to my face and your words are always thought provoking!! i don't mean to get all deep, just want you to know i appreciate you and your blog.

  3. Such pretty flowers, whether they are yours or not! thanks for sharing. The pillows are so cute! Don't you want them all?!?

  4. Glad you had fun at your outing. That would be me, though, forgetting stuff that I need. Better if I just stay in my cave where I have all my supplies.

  5. Dee, thanks for sharing such beautiful Spring pictures. Love those purple flowers. I like your string block squares. So glad you enjoyed your night out. I know what you mean about getting out and listening to the other ladies and hearing about what they are up to. I've been hiding in my cave much too often lately as well. When I do get out, I vow to do it more often. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Hey there Dee! how are you sweetie?!! I pray good! I am so behind in my commenting and posting but just wanted to say that you are such an inspiring woman and just simply amazing!
    (I am super busy and swamped) but hopefully I will be able to play catch up this weekend.
    Hugs to you sweetie! have a blessed weekend!

  7. Dee, love the flowers and can't wait to see some myself. I brought in a broken branch from my cherry tree and my lace leaf maple and both look like they might actually bloom inside! I am so excited, so spring might come a little early for me after all. Take care, Stephanie


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