Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Crazy is That?

Bloom and Blossom is another one of those blogs that's just a pleasure to read and look at.
Last fall, as we were battening down the hatches for a nasty, cold and long winter, Australia (where Bloom lives) was just heading into spring.  How jealous I was of her being there, and me being here.

Now, each morning, it's a little bit lighter out earlier and I can hear the Robins, Cardinals and Blue Jays in the yard twittering at the squirrels to "Look out!"

We still have a lot of white stuff on the ground, but I'm actually sitting here in my bare feet.  Now mind you, that doesn't sound big, but I'm feeling warm enough not to have two pairs of socks on and that's saying a lot!  LOL

The other day, a lot of you asked for information on the blue bird fabric.
I found it at Joann's and it's from Legacy Studio.
The selvage reads Fresh Fusion "Blue Birds".

Earlier, my machine was giving me fits because the feed dogs wouldn't lift.
KT read my blog, felt my pain and called me immediately!
Seems she's had the same problem.  On the newer machines, the motor has to actually be engaged before the feed dogs will lift.  Problem solved!  Thanks KT!

I was able to finish up my Pillow Talk pillow.

I can't find my measuring tape (which means the boys have either tied the dog up again or leashed the turtle for a walk), but it's roughly 15"x15".  I decided on a Courthouse Steps Block surrounding the lovebirds.  Keeping the green and polka dot fabrics top and bottom and the blue and floral patterns on the side.  I like the way it breaks up the boldness (which was overwhelmingly purpliness).  I just put my walking foot on and quilted about a 1/4" from the seam lines and some corners overlap, some don't.  I really liked the way it turned out.

Thank you to those of you who suggested keeping the back simple.  I used one of the blue butterflies from the lovebirds fabric and surrounded it with the floral.  Pieced more of this lucious polka dot (must find out what it is and where to get more of it!).  Sashed it in the blue/purple/periwinkle fabric and quilted it with a random line quilting pattern.  I used a cool, variagated green thread for the front and back quilting.  The boys don't want it to move somewhere else.  Javi is sounding more and more like his dad everyday, "Why are you doing this?"

The pillow looks like it has deformed feet, not sure why, but it's a nicely, cushily stuffed fluff ready for shipping.

Snowbirds came home this weekend.  I had my mom on a secret mission to find as much vintage linen as she could tolerate.  I have a whole, huge box of sheets, shams and pillowcases she found as well as fabric she found dirt cheap.
My MIL helps makes quilts for orphans all around the world through a local church group.  Some of the fabric my mom found will be cut into squares and sewn into quilts to warm, comfort and cuddle kids all over the globe.  That is cool!

Thanks Moms!


  1. your pillow turned out great. i love it. i could not help laughing when you said where you thought your measuring tape might be.

  2. The pillow is gorgeous! Great job, Dee!

  3. I love the colours you used in that pillow! Here's a question for you - what measurements did you use? Did you add a little extra over the dimensions of the pillow, or did you try to make it the exact size of the pillow? I've even seen some instructions that say to make the pillow casing one inch smaller than the dimensions of the pillow, but that seems odd to me. I love how yours looks.

  4. You pillow is wonderful, with a very pleasing color palette. I love how you did the back, and the blue/purple/periwinkle fabric such a gorgeous color! It's not an especially masculine-looking pillow, so it's pretty cute that your guys don't want to give it up. Maybe making some macho, he-man (yet soft and fluffy) pillows in is order.

  5. Beautiful pillows! Glad spring is coming to your part of the world too.

  6. what a cute pillow! so nice when spring makes an appearance, eh?

  7. Love your pillow...front and back. Your measuring tape story cracks me up!


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