Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Groundhog Day!

We have dubbed 2010 the Year of The Groundhog Day.
Quite simply, well, we're living the movie.

You remember the movie's premise:
TV meteorologist Phil Connors, his producer Rita, and cameraman Larry from the fictional Pittsburgh television station WPBH-TV9 travel to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania (which, in real life, as in the movie, holds a major celebration for Groundhog Day) to cover the annual festivities with Punxsutawney Phil.

After the celebration concludes, a blizzard develops that Connors had predicted would miss them, closing the roads and shutting down long-distance phone service, forcing the team to return to Punxsutawney. Connors awakens the next morning, however, to find it is again February 2, and his day unfolds in exactly the same way. He is aware of the repetition, but everyone else seems to be living February 2 exactly the same way and for the first time. This recursion repeats the following morning as well, over and over again. For Connors, Groundhog Day begins each morning at 6:00 A.M., with his waking up to the same song, Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe", on his alarm clock radio, but with his memories of the "previous" day intact, trapped in a seemingly endless "time loop" to repeat the same day in the same small town. 

This is a great description of our life.
Up at 5-6 am every morning.
Hubby does his exact same thing as he gets ready for work.
Javi does the exact same thing as he gets ready for school.
I wake up Bean, breakfast, lunch packed, clothes changed and the same questions every day.
"Did you change your clothes?  Where are your dirty clothes?  Did you brush your teeth?  Where are your shoes?"

Hubby goes off to work doing the same thing over and over.
Javi and Bean drive off to school for a day very much like the day before.
I grouse C-man out of bed.
We do school.
Drive C-man to his class.
Pick him up.
The doorbell rings.  Every day at the exact same time.  It's Bean.  Who thinks it's very funny and fully knows his older brother has a key and is right behind him.
Family hanging out together.

Our rut is so deep, I think I saw sunshine last Tuesday.

We need a two month vacation here:

Where I promise, we would never do the same thing day, after day, after day.
We would go and have adventures every morning and eat somewhere new every night.

Do you live Groundhog Day?


  1. Do you really do that much cleaning EVERY day?!?! I just can't get past that. YIKES! Send some of that energy and cleanliness over here.

    And if I was at a sunny, tropical beach, I wouldn't mind doing the same thing every day. Get up, walk on the beach, swim at the beach, read on the beach, lie in the sun on the beach, drink a margarita on the beach, etc. :) I raise my margarita to you, Dee! Super Mom!

  2. I raise my glass along with Joan and say Cheers to you Dee! I feel like I live Ground Hog day around here as well, but I don't get as much accomplished as you ;-) Love your beach pictures. Looks like Rosemary Beach in the panhandle of Florida.

    P.S. My emails don't seem to be going through to you. Hope you know I appreciate all your posts on my blog as much as I appreciate reading your blog. Have a great Groundhog Day!!!!

  3. i do....every day is quite the same. i wonder what would happen if i tried to change things up!!!

  4. We all would hate change if it did happen, but mine is about the same old same old each day!

    Inheriting a million dollars and going to a tropical island wouldn't be a bad change!!

  5. Yes, I live there but without all the cleaning..... I am knee deep in dirt. Dirt and sameness....

  6. Yes, I love that movie! To me it's a great life-lesson. Our lives may be the same all the time - repeating the same lines, the same people, the same bad luck. But we can choose how to respond - get grumpy or even cruel, try to escape... OR we can learn new ways, try to improve ourselves and make others' lives better. What happens then? It IS a new life with adventure, love, deep friendships and a sense of belonging. I LOVE this movie!


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