Friday, March 5, 2010

Time is Eternity

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity."
Henry Van Dyke 

Another week marked off the calendar.  Monday saw Bean with double ear infections.  Tuesday received word from two people I love that things in their part of the world were not well.  Tuesday and Wednesday time spent with people I love.  Thursday was catch up day.
And it's Friday.

Thursday also brought this

in the mail.  Isn't that a beautiful bow and happy, green grassy paper!

Julie is participating in the Pillow Talk 2 also and this is what she made!  Words can't even describe the way the colors and fabric remind me of the sunrise or sunset!  It's just gorgeous!
I may not use it as a pillow it's so awesome as a wall hanging.  I'm totally rethinking the family room now!
The back is just as cool as the front.

In the Swap, we could either send stuffed, or not.  The closing on the pillow is so cool!  The stitching on these little half circles, as well as on the front, is just too much fun!
Also in the package was this:

And we all know I was missing my own tape measure!  How cool is this?  (mine is not on the turtle, and the dog is sans measureing tape, so not sure where mine is)
Thanks Julie!  I couldn't be happier!

I've been so inspired by the Incredible Shrinking Quilters' Bee ladies last month that I decided to continue making New York Beauty blocks for a quilt for hubby sweetness and I.

My first four sewn together.  I know I should've waited to sew rows together, but then again, I'm not your conventional quilter!  LOL

I'm hoping the colors and patterns sort of migrate their way around the quilt.

Work continues on the hexes, my pillow for Pillow Talk 2 is done, I haven't received March's block for the ISQB and I've signed up for STUD (Swap Til You Drop) for March.  I was paired with Ansje.
We arranged a private swap on the side last year before Christmas and this is what she sent me.

Simply beautiful!
Sew, you can see why I'm excited to be paired up with her this month!  We have an alpahbet theme and my letter is "E".  "Everyone who signs up for this theme will be randomly assigned a letter of the alphabet by me, and then you will make a quiltie representing that letter. Example: if you were giving the letter Q, then your mini could be a queen under a quilt."

Sew, I have some research and work to do!  No rest for the wicked!
Don't forget to visit Amy for Friday Finish!  Last week's finishes were just over the top cool!  There are sew many talented women out there and you see some of the most beautiful and clever things!  So make sure you stop by today!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Yowzah, that is a gorgeous pillow cover!

  2. You are so inspiring Dee! always are!
    you are also one lucky lady to receive that pillow cover, so pretty!

    I pray the ear infections are gone!

  3. oh wow these are great things to get in the good mail!!! the colors you are using in your NY beauty blocks are stunning and amazing and so gorgeous....great work

  4. Dee, you are so lucky....I love the surprise in the green package. That is gorgeous. I also love your NY beauty blocks...great colors. Thanks for sharing Dee!

  5. Dee, you have so much in your post I don't know where to start! I'm glad the end of your week seems to be ending on a much better note than the beginning of the week. Your surprise package in the mail looks yummy. That is one gorgeous pillow cover. I agree it would make a great wallhanging. Your beauty blocks are beautiful as well. So glad you are making something for you and hubby. Take care!

  6. Wowee - you are a lucky duck to get such a beautiful pillow cover. And those NYBs are spectacular!!

  7. those squares your are doing are amazing! I cant wait to see it done!

  8. Your New York Beauty is .........well.....a REAL beauty. I am loving your choice of fabrics and I'm not even a big purple fan, but this is going to be stunning!

  9. What a fantastic parcel you received. Loved the half circles on the back. Your New York Beauty blooks look divine. I can't wait to see your quilt.

  10. Just beautiful!!!! What lovely colors!

  11. This quilt is going to look absolutely amazing when finished!!!

  12. I could look at this post all day and be inspired because there is so many pretty things in it!

  13. Dee! You are sooooo lucky to have gotten that pillow cover!!! She did an amazing job on it.
    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  14. The pillow cover is beautiful--I couldn't put mine on the couch (with the rest of the cat hair) either! Your quilt is progressing beautifully. Hope this coming week goes a bit better.

  15. Love the pillow cover! I have got to join a quilting b!


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