Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

Lesly aka Shadrach Meshach & Abednego over at Pickledish asked
"Here's a question for you - what measurements did you use? Did you add a little extra over the dimensions of the pillow, or did you try to make it the exact size of the pillow? I've even seen some instructions that say to make the pillow casing one inch smaller than the dimensions of the pillow, but that seems odd to me."
Lesly, the flat out truth is...
I really didn't measure!
I'm sure I've committed a sewing faux pas, but I just pieced the front until I was happy with the look, pieced the back, squared them both up to match, went and bought stuffing and stuffed until I thought it was a comfy poof of a pillow.  Not so much stuffing your head slid off and not so little, you felt you we laying on an old, yucky pillow (which I have and it is not pleasant, nor did it smell good because the dog's been using it for her naps!)
And that, my friend, is the scientific method of pillow making!

Jen over at Little Scraps of Happiness is a peach!  She is smart, funny, pretty, creative, a Navy wife and the mom of two cute little pumpkins of the pinkest kind!
Last week she had a giftaway for
to lucky number 20.  Which was me! 
Sew, thank you so much Jen!  These little beauties will be so much fun to listen to and hopefully things will slow down and I can have more time to sew.

I'm secretly thinking of selling a kid or two, or three if the price and buyer are right to sort of ease my burden here at home.  I mean, really.
If I did at least two, that would cut my laundry by 2/5.  Little Caesar's would probably have to close their new store they just opened though.  Think of all the toilet paper I would save and I might just actually be able to reach into the pantry, pull out a cereal box and--gasp--have some cereal in there for me for breakfast.  Even the fiber filled, shredded stuff!

Oh, oh.  Off the food and onto the time I would save!  Homework, taxiing all over the green earth, refereeing, etc.  I could then use that time to sew to my little heart's content.

Only, my little heart would be very lonely.  I would miss my sweet little tater tots and french fries (tater tots who grow taller and have longer legs).  Who would cuddle with me in the morning?  Who would share their day with me and bring me treasures like rocks, shells, broken eggs and frogs?

Okay, I'll find time for sewing somewhere else and keep the kids.


  1. I think you made the right choice Dee!

    Great to know how you made your pillow, and congrats on the winning those fabric goodies!

  2. i love snippets!!! congrats you for winning!!!

  3. Keeping the kids is a good idea.... there's time for everything, just not all at the same time.

    Congrats on the little lovlies!

  4. Oh my goodness! Do you win every drawing you enter?? Congratulations!

  5. LOL -- I love the Dee method of pillow making. And I think your kids will keep you, too!

  6. Another win! Cool BEans.

    I to feel that way sometimes.


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