Thursday, March 11, 2010


I challenge myself (and you) to do something today that you normally don't do.
Whatever it is, let me know!
I'd like to break out of the Groundhog Day Blues.
How about you?

My mom is a fighter.
Several years ago she was diagnosed with Stave IV Ovarian Cancer.
There is nothing like a crash course in oncology to make you appreciate those around you and the world you live in.
She's always had this appreciation (as far as I can remember anyway!) and I'm still learning it.
On the last go round of chemo, I made her a lap quilt to take to treatment.  She would get cold sometimes during the many hours she was there and I wanted to give her something from my heart to help keep her warm.
It's in all the hot, tropical colors to remind her of her snowbird home.
In the teal cancer ribbons, I free hand quilted words like "courage", "strength", "love", "hope", etc.
Her radiation and chemo treatments and surgery have been successful and we're so blessed she's doing so great!  She's a Goodwill shopper too and yesterday brought me a bag full of yummy vintage linens!  Thanks Mom, and we love you very much!

I joined the STUD (Swap Til You Drop) ladies again for March.  This month is an Alphabet themed one and I have the letter "E".  Yesterday, I sat down and pieced the back of Ansje's mini quilt.  I love the little black square in my mini, wonky Log Cabin block and the black fabric underneath will be the binding.  Something I've never done before in combining black with the pastel colors she likes.

It seems a lot of people are really into rough edge applique.  You can't see it here ('cause it would spoil the surprise!), but I used this technique in several places on the quilt.  The flower on the right is a spin off in that I cut out leafy shaped pieces of green fabrics, then petal shaped ones from purples and sewed them all down with a cute little, flower shaped button.

Today I'm packing up a laundry basket full of finished quilts and WIP's, my sewing machine and supplies and am heading to
the church where my sister attends with her family and is the church secretary for as well as co-coordinator/director of the church's daycare ministry.
I've been invited to come and share my "quiltiness" with ladies from their craft night group.  My mom will be teaching/helping women to crochet.  The doily that shows up in so many of my pictures is on our dining room table and is one she made for us.

Also tonight is Bean's intramural basketball game.  He played Tuesday and lost by 2 points.  His team is called the Mavericks and it's coached by a senior basketball team player who is Javi's friend and the son of friends of ours.  It's so much fun to see him playing with his friends and classmates!

Hope you all have an out of the ordinary, but in a good way, day!


  1. i did some yoga, that is different! i love the quilt you are working on. i can not wait to see the finished product! how exciting for you to be able to share your quilts with others. have so much fun.

  2. Wow! I love your mom's quilt! Just looking at it brightens my day! I'm sure it was perfect for her and what she was going through at the time! So happy she is well now!

    Your mini quilt is lovely! I can't wait to see both sides fully! It looks wonderful! The black in it is going to look great! Black always brings something out in a quilt!

    As for me and doing something different today,I'm afraid there will be none of that for me! My little one is extremely sick. She was up literally, ALL NIGHT. First my eldest daughter had it,then me and now the little one. I have an appointment to take her to the doctor today. So what was going to be a day of running errands, grocery shopping and cleaning, prepping for my mom and aunt to arrive tomorrow, will now be a day of holding and nursing my baby and praying she feels better fast so she can enjoy her visit with grandma and great aunt!

  3. Hi Dee, the quilt you made for your Mom is beautiful.I love the colors.
    I hope you have a great time sharing your quilts with the craft group.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad that your mom is a good survivor story.....I just heard last night at Church that an old school classmate of mine has been pronounced cancer-free after undergoing a difficult year.
    Praises, praises, for our Saviour and Healer !

    The 'recovery' quilt is gorgeous ! So happy, and you know I love the idea of quilting words into these 'hugs' !

  5. Dee, how exciting to share your quilting goodness with the other ladies, and to have your mom doing the same with you! I would love to hear how it goes. The quilt you made for your mom during her recovery is a beauty! I also like the mini quilt you are currently working on.

  6. I sat and watched some Turner Classic movies ALL DAY!
    I am usually playing taxi, cleaning, cooking, quilting, volunteering or something. So it was something out of the ordinary for me.

    Love the quilt!

  7. Dee, I love this quilt, love the colors and love the reason why you made it. It is something you will always cherish and remember why you made it. I am glad your mom is doing well and that all she went through is for a good reason and it worked. Prayers certainly help and make things easier!

    Hope you had fun at the church's craft night. I am sure it will be fun to get others interested in quilting too. Take care, Stephanie


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