Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ah, Baby It's A New Day!

Another day of possibilities!  Quilting.  Baking.  Laundry.  School.  Basketball.  Luvin'.  Family comin'.  Lunch with hubby pumpkin.

I have been blessed with three wonderful women who are playing Pay It Forward with me!  KT, I know very well.  And still like, I might add!  LOL

Corrinea and Leslie are new friends I'm excited about getting to know better!
This is going to be so much fun!  Thanks ladies!

Bean and I wanted to share with you some of the other candidates for stash guard from this weekend's interview.  Turk from Tarzan rode shotgun on the way to the interview with Tarzan.  Apparently, the leopard was stalking them all the way here and as soon as Tarzan wasn't looking, went in for the kill.  One less candidate and a huge stain on the floor.

Rexy brought a stunt double.
Jar Jar Binks showed up along with the robot from the "Lost in Space" movie.  They were over at the Mos Eisley Cantina and heard there might be work.
The stuffed leopard was very cute, but after seeing the carnage the other leopard was capable of, my stomach was a little queasy and I was having a hard time believing this cute, cuddly pile of fluff with such a sweet little ribbon could be so mean.  But he ate Ice Batman when no one was looking.  No stain, but lots of pieces on the floor!
The other two Batmen were washouts.  One chickened out when Rexy roared and the other one saw the Bat signal on the ceiling and had to leave for another gig.  Something about saving Gotham?

This is Rexy on the job!  Lego Vikings (and their white shark sidekick) raided the stash pile.  Their king is in Rexy's mouth about to become a dinosaur entree and the one in his hand is praying for all he's worth to Odin!  You can see their pals got the idea and are running as fast as they can to escape the jaws of death!

Bean decided to decorate his mini pumpkin from church with a Sharpie.  Don't you just love those things in the hands of kids!  I mean, really.  What a neat idea to be able to color anything and everywhere with a marker that's black...and permanent!  Brilliant!

Although, Bean will get to continue breathing after leaving marks on the table and writing diagonal lines on his shirt because of this

Middlest, however, is still on slave duty for trying to turn my regular house sweeper into a wet vac.  Did you know that a regular house sweeper does not like to sweep up the cat's water that was poured on the floor to experiment with?  LOL 
You have to laugh, or you will cry!

Hoping to sew today.  Behind Bean's guilt...er...love offering is a quilt top I'm working on.  I'll share pictures as the week goes by.

Is it Friday yet?


  1. Good morning!!! Enjoy your day....love your post. Congratulations on getting your three Pay it Forward friends!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the offer of band aids and blood!! Luckily, no need to bother you...one little bandage did the trick.

  2. I am excited to do the Pay it Forward Dee! excited to get to know you better too!
    I am giggling at your dinosaur talk and it definetly brings good memories to me, my son was all about dinosaurs when he was young! they were his favorite!

  3. Sounds like you have a great day ahead of you!

    Ah, Bean. Love that pumpkin and perhaps he was trying his hand at fabric painting on the shirt?

  4. Glad to see that Rex continues to do his job well :^) But that JarJar Binks is so scary...

  5. Hope you find your sanity soon!! Sewing helps I hear. Oh, and stay away from those leopards, ouch!!!



  6. wow! that was an exciting interview! I wish I could have been there to see them all "scrapping" for first place! Tell Bean I love his pumpkin! And as for Middlest, well, I bet he'll never do THAT again! lol!

  7. Haha! I am told that years from now, us moms will appreciate the marks in the table, chips on the floor, gouges in the wall etc. The wet-vac situation? Not so much. :)

    I agree that you should go for the laughter! At least I am laughing with you! ;)


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