Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Give Away Blog Spotlight, New Skin and Holidays!

A really cool day is shaping up for us all!

First off:  a give away link and awesome blog I just found!

This is Andi and I love her smile and happiness here!  View her blog here:

to see why she's smiling, and here: 

to see why you (or me!) might be smiling.  She's having a give away of a personalized, reversible bag in colors of the winner's choice.  You can read about the give away and then take a view through her incredible blog for happy, inspirational ideas and quilts.

This is one of my favorites, even though it probably doesn't exist now!  See her blog and you'll know why!

Onward and upward.

Allow me to introduce you to Squishy.  First off, Squishy is a "he" no matter what hubby says about the matter.  LOL

Here Squish wanted to pose with his new favorite quilt that he met on our end of summer vacation trip at the hotel.  Squish has been with me long as I can remember.  Here he's modelling a somewhat old, tired, faded and wornout lace pillowcase  he once looked fabulous and "oh so shabby chic" in.

Unfortunately, being the lovey of a 40+ year old woman throughout her living memories has put some wear and tear on the old boy.

Squish began his life way back as a pillow.  School days, college, honeymoon, marriage, numerous trips to the hospital while I was giving birth or sick, family vacations, get-away vacations, plane rides and long car rides do tend to get the better of one, don't they?

Now, before the whole dust mite thing grosses you out, he gets washed regularly (or frozen or air dried outside) and reclothed with a fresh new pillowcase as soon his current one wears out.  The last two incarnations of him were lived in pillowcases my great-grandmother had embroidered and my mom gave to me.  We know he needs a new "skin" when he starts losing bits and pieces of himself in the bed covers or on the floor next to the bed.  I sleep with him every night, and he doesn't snore!

Hubby started tenderly laying bits and pieces on my bedside table last week.  Squish has felt a bit neglected since the quilting bug has hit and said bedside table is sporting a new catch-all mat.

So, he politely asked to have something different...out of the ordinary...unique to reside in that reflects our history together and the quirkiness of our relationship.

The new and improved Squishy!

I started piecing from the middle out with fabrics that made me smile, happy and cheerful at the thought of using them every day!  Lots of my favorites in there.  Squish, knowing the almost total lack of pink in my life, is not one of those males who is afraid pink might hurt his masculinity...and allowed me free reign on the color in exchange for me not saying anything about his lumpy middle and the need for a roomy pillowcase.  Ahem. 

I was afraid all the seams would prove a bit bumpy and leave huge imprints on my face, but never fear, the backside is a soft, white flannel and I slept like a dream last night!

Today and tomorrow we're on Fall Break!  Sort of.  Kind of.  Middlest helped me move furniture around yesterday so my sewing obsession could come inside.  So, a little catch up for him today and science class this pm at our local middle school and tomorrow is an all day field trip for him.  So just Javi, Bean and I on Friday.  What loads of no good can we get up to in just two, short days?

Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful new face Squishy is presenting !
    My 'hugging pillow' is has only been with me for about HALF of my life........left behind by my brother-in-law once when he and his wife visited. I should have sent the pillow back to him, but it was made of shredded foam, and I fell in love. We've never looked back........he's currently sporting an appliqued kitty-cat cover, that looks just like a kitty I had to leave behind with this move back home. Ya' know, I've never given mine a name........too late to change that now!

  2. oh my crack me up!!! your new squishy cover is gorgeous! your mini quilt is very pretty...and thanks for the heads up on the other blogs. i can not wait to go and check it out.


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