Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warning! Some paper was harmed in the making of this post!

First things first.  I can't believe I'm typing this!

Stephanie over at A Ditchin' Time Quilts wins sweetheart of the day!  She so helpfully posted a link to an Amy butler "Love" giveaway! 

That's like someone handing you a lottery ticket that hasn't been scratched off yet for a Ferrari!
Okay.  Maybe not a Ferrari...but at least some of this scrumptious eye candy:

Go to
 and follow the prompts to sign up to win...............8..............Oh my goodness, what was that number?  8 fat quarters of Amy's new line.  I'm giddy at the thought!  I mean, I just won a breakfast sandwich from McRondald...the win mojo must be on for me!  LOL

Don't delay!  While you're there, wander through her blog.  She's amazing!

A doll quilt she sent to her swap bud!

Secondly, this is what happens to tracing paper going through the copier:

I'd like you to notice the paper behind the mangled victim says "sew easy".  Ahem.  Luckily, tracing paper doesn't have an advocacy like PETA or Greenpeace on its side, or this post would have been written from the remains of a bombed out home or preference is jail because at least there are 3 squares a day, fresh laundry and a walk outside without kids and the dog peeing everywhere.  The dog peeing, not the kids.  Sheesh!

I'm involved in STUD.  I know.  It's exciting for me too!
Swap Til You Drop.
The star block, which I pulled off quite nicely, thank you (and now won't be able to replicate because I've been cocky!) was a prototype for my October bud's quilt.

I went to the local UPS store, home of the gods of copying machines to humbly request 25% reduced size copies of the pattern.  After a small sacrificial offering of one sheet (seen above), the copy gods were appeased and granted my wish.

If you are going to do paper foundation piecing, I highly, highly recommend tracing paper instead of regular old Staples kind of copy paper.  Much easier on the needles and the hands when you tear the foundation layer away from the block.

I bought this fabric:

on a summer vacation trip (as I read through my blog, I notice we seem to take a lot of these...hmmmm...)
and it's been living in a repurposed wire mail/paper basket waiting to tell me what it wants to be.  Yesterday, the stars aligned after the copier gods were appeased and the fabric spoke.
"Use me for the STUD quilt."
Just like that.

So, wanting to keep my winning streak going and hoping brown nosing the stars and copier gods works...I'm thinking they will reward me (sorry you won't win LOL, but I might be persuaded to share!  maybe scraps ha ha ha!) by letting me win the "Love" stash!

More on paper foundation piecing tomorrow...or maybe later if the gods decide I'm being irreverent and strike me with a lightening bolt!

Piece out!


  1. You crack me up. Can't wait to see your project!

  2. And you think I'm funny Sister?!? I am totally the straight man, so to speak, between us. Totally...

    By the way, Captain and Tenille tunes are stuck in the old noggin now!!!!


  3. Love that fabric! anxious to see how it all turns out!

  4. pretty fabric!!! i can't wait to see more about the paper piecing.

  5. I love Amy's blog (and it is a great giveaway). Lovely little fan that the copier made of your paper :)


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